Murky Hollow

Off Solak's coast, an emerald jewel emerges, teeming with life unseen. Imagine creatures stranger than dreams, basking under the watchful gaze of the wise Khashabi. These guardians tread carefully, for beneath lies a slumbering serpent: the toxic Banestones, their venom a threat to the island's lifeblood.


Outlook of the environment

Location of the area

Solak > Moon Refuge

Level design

Boss Encounters

Murk Drake

A Sacred Beast protecting the Elder Birch at its base. Having forgotten its duty due to the tainted demonic energy of Moon Refuge, the Murk Drake has been sapping the Elder Birch of the Blue Moon Psyche flowing into its roots.


Completion Rewards

Merchant Shop — Feraolfu


Quest Letters cannot be found for Wildwill Den.

Notice: Recruiting Monster Hunters

Dynamic Quests cannot be found in Murky Hollow.


Achievements related to Murky Hollow cannot be found.