Through Talismans, Warlocks focus on summoning visceral weapons and incantations in the form of protective charms, spiritual forces, and a giant Thrall.

Harnessing dark magic through a Razor, the Warlock is a ranged caster able to manipulate time and space or curse enemies by draining their souls. Being masters of the Nether Realms allows the Warlock to warp natural laws with Restoration Fields, Dragoncalls, and a terrifyingly powerful Soulburn effect granting awakened powers.

To survive as a slight and fragile Warlock, it's essential to learn to control one's lengthy ability cooldowns. However, a fully-realized Warlock governed in the ways of the Talismans can not just become stronger as time accumulates—but make darkness fall across the land in an instant.

  • Available Races: Jin, Lyn

  • Available Specializations: Distortion, Scourge, Reaver


Manipulate all of time and space, dominate your opponents, and leave them always a step behind.


Quickened Dragoncall

  • Changes Dragoncall to instant cast and decreases cooldown

Borrowed Time

  • Increases the duration of Siphon effect and increases Attack Power after Siphon ends

High Velocity

  • Increases Bombardment damage, enhances the cooldown decrease effect of Dragoncall

Step In Time

  • Increases Movement Speed during Siphon effect


  • Changes Onrush and Eclipse to Warp Forward and Warp Backward respectively

Speed Demon

  • Increases Movement Speed on every use of Bombardment

  • Decreases casting time and cooldown of specific skills on accurate Bombardment

Restoration Field

  • Changes Sanctum to Restoration Field

Temporal Field

  • Changes Sanctum to Temporal Field


  • Enhances Quell and Repulse

Distortion Barrier

  • Able to use Distortion Barrier and Spatial Warp when using Quell

Time Gyre

  • Able to use Time Gyre when using Quell


  • Able to use Singularity when using Quell

Burning At Both Ends

  • Able to use Soulburn without having a summoned Thrall when using Quell

Time Distortion

  • Changes Soulburn to Time Distortion

Temporal Collapse

  • Changes Soulburn to Temporal Collapse


Afflict your enemies with dark curses and feed on their life force.


Soul Power

  • Chance to create a Spectral Orb on hit

  • Increases Dimensional Volley, Dimensional Charge, and Dimensional Salvo damage

Delayed Explosion

  • Decreases speeds of Dragon Helix, Dimensional Volley, Dimensional Charge, and Dimensional Salvo, and increases their damage

Quickened Leech

  • Decreases cooldown of Leech

  • Enhances Siphon effect

Draining Soul

  • Enhances Wingstorm function


  • Enhances Vampiric Drain

Enduring Soul

  • Greatly increases defense during Siphon effect

Restoration Field

  • Changes Sanctum to Restoration Field

Hostility Field

  • Changes Sanctum to Hostility Field


  • Enhances Quell and Repulse

Ravaging Curse

  • Enhances Ravaging Curse function

Ghostly Scream

  • Makes Ghostly Scream and Rupture skills available


  • Makes the Graveyard skill available

Burning At Both Ends

  • Able to use Soulburn without having a summoned Thrall when using Quell

Time Distortion

  • Changes Soulburn to Time Distortion

Empowered Dragon Helix

  • Enhances Dragon Helix function


Use a possessed scythe to cut down opponents and manipulate the forces of life and death.


Killing Time

  • Plague and Jinx further decrease Soul Reave's cooldown

High Crimes

  • Dark Sky, Sky Reave, and Cast Down deal increased PvP damage

  • Decreases Dark Sky and Cast Down's cooldowns

Dark Daze

  • Changes Undercut to inflict Daze

  • Increases Undercut's cooldown

Mist Reaver

  • Makes Mistwalker available

Ghost Hunter

  • Changes Mistwalker to Ghostwalker

  • Ghostwalker can be used up to two times in a row

Grave Maker

  • Replaces Mistwalker with Gravewalker

  • Replaces Scythe Rush with Scythe Step

  • Makes Devastator available

Reap What You Sow

  • Makes Reap and Awakened Reap available

  • Reap and Awakened Reap increase the Reaver stance's duration

Death Spiral

  • Replaces Reap with Scythe Storm

Light in the Dark

  • Replaces Reap with Warding Strike

Own the Night

  • Changes Death Veil's effect

Slash and Burn

  • Makes Night Terror available

  • Thwart allows Night Terror to be used

  • Night Terror moves Warlock 10m behind the enemy

  • Night Terror turns off targetting

  • Makes Soul Sever available

  • Night Terror allows Soul Sever to be used

  • Soul Sever Stuns the enemy for 2 sec.

Twist of Fate

  • Quell and Thwart trigger Parry for 0.5 sec.

  • Changes Condemn cooldown to 30 sec.

  • Changes Tether Blade and Felling Strike cooldowns to 15 sec.

  • Changes Repulse and Repel to make a Stunned target Airborne

  • Changes Repulse and Repel cooldowns to 45 sec.

  • Condemn makes Repulse and Repel combos available

Second Life

  • Soul Rift changes Reaver stance duration to 99 sec.

Borrowed Time

  • Changes Soul Rift with Time Gyre

Death's Door

  • Replaces Soul Rift with Soul Gate