Sanctum of the Masters

Free yourself!

The ethereal winds have carried tales of your valor and glory in the Divine Realm, heralding your name across the vast expanse of the world. However, be wary of the dangers that lurk in the shadows, for even the most intrepid warrior can succumb to the treacherous seduction of complacency.

Grandmaster Nayul of the revered Ajanara clan has issued a stern warning, cautioning against the perils of complacency, for it is in those moments of self-satisfaction that our greatest foe has emerged - ourselves. Nayul, a master of the highest order, has beckoned you to the fabled Sanctum of the Masters, where the noblest warriors have trained their body, mind, and soul to withstand the trials and tribulations of the Realm.

Amidst the ever-evolving halls of the Sanctum, one must be nimble and flexible, for the only constant is change. Answer the call of Nayul and journey to the sacred Dawning Tree, where the ultimate test awaits. The challenge before you shall not only shape your legacy, but also serve as a testament to your strength and unwavering resolve.



View of the location in the game environment.

Location on the World Map.

Solak > Ajanara Monastery

Boss Encounters

Keeper of Envy

Idle thoughts invite weakness.

Keeper of Sloth; Keeper of Dereliction

Distrust leads to misfortune.

Keeper of Indulgence

Arrogance is the heart of evil.

Keeper of Greed

A foolish mind is easily led astray.

Keeper of Pride

Greed hollows the soul.

Keeper of Wrath

Anger is a never-ending storm.

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Completion Rewards

Easy Difficulty

Normal Difficulty

Hard Difficulty

NPC Rewards — Merchant Sangyoung


Sanctum of the Masters

Master Undone


Wave Goodbye