Born to annihilate, the Destroyer is a formidable warrior who unleashes a tempest of fury upon their foes. A true force of nature, they command attention with their imposing stature and raw might. Their very presence demands respect, for they wield the potential to unleash devastation with a single swing of their colossal Axes.

Embracing the essence of the Stone Breaker, a resilient expert of close-quarters combat, the Destroyer masterfully wields their weapons, warding off barrages that would shatter the resolve of lesser warriors. Alternatively, the Destroyer may tread the path of the Reaper, a dark force that sows discord amongst their foes. By etching Scars and inflicting debilitating debuffs, they weaken their adversaries, leaving them vulnerable to the merciless strikes that follow. A third path lies before the Destroyer, that of Iron Will, where they forge twin axes to unleash a relentless barrage of attacks. They stand as a resolute pillar, steadfast and unwavering, bolstering the resolve of their allies.

When allies find themselves battered or faltering, the Destroyer can invoke unparalleled protection through their hardened Forge Guard technique, encasing comrades in stone as unyielding and unbreakable as a mighty mountain peak. Against this impenetrable barrier, foes' attacks shatter like mere pebbles against a fortress wall.

Amidst the chaos of battle, the Destroyer's combat methodology might seem straightforward, yet it's this very simplicity that amplifies their devastating effectiveness. They possess an intrinsic understanding of the cataclysmic force they wield, enabling them to dismantle their foes' defenses with an almost ruthless precision. A solitary strike from a seasoned Destroyer holds the potential to humble even the most steadfast adversaries, leaving their will shattered and their defenses utterly decimated.