Halcyon Hills

I'm telling ya! We ain't leaving!

A convergence of the Realms loomed ominously, casting a harrowing shadow over the sanctity of the Divine Realm itself. The vile tendrils of corruption, a malevolent force, insidiously crept through the ethereal fabric, infiltrating once-hallowed grounds and relentlessly profaning their sacred essence. Among these revered sites now defiled and desecrated, none was more grievously afflicted than the Halcyon Hills, an idyllic expanse of nature that had been faithfully nurtured by Sundo, an ancient guardian, for an awe-inspiring three millennia.

The Halcyon Hills, a place of profound significance, stood as the solitary bastion where the legendary Halcyon trees could thrive. These extraordinary arboreal beings bestowed upon the world a divine bounty: the Divine Peaches, fruit that transcended mortal comprehension. However, the ravenous tendrils of corruption encroached upon the once-tranquil estuaries, transforming them into bitter, churning currents that ravaged the grove, contorting the very roots and fruits of the orchards into grotesque, malformed shapes.

As if this grave affliction is not dire enough, the sacred sanctuary finds itself under relentless siege by a clan of impish primates, succumbing to an unfathomable primal tribalism that scornfully defies all semblance of order. These recklessly audacious simians embolden themselves, driven by a single, malevolent purpose: to raid the Halcyon Hills and brazenly plunder the coveted Divine Peaches for their own nefarious ends. The weighty responsibility of safeguarding the divine balance, thus, falls upon you, to seize the mantle of protector and stand resolute against these pestilent creatures, restoring the much-craved harmony and order to the beleaguered realm that lies beyond mortal comprehension.


Boss Encounters

Wonkey Gong — "Second Banana"

Wonkey Gong, one of the oldest captains of the Wukong Gang, is the guardian of the Halcyon Hills lake. This monkey relies on its own strength rather than that of the Divine Peach.

Jaechun — "Monkey King"

Having eaten a particularly feisty Divine Peach, Jaechun, the king of the Wukong Gang, is filled to the brim with mighty power.


Easy Difficulty Rewards

Halcyon Hills does not grant rewards upon completion.

Normal Difficulty Rewards

Halcyon Hills does not grant rewards upon completion.

Hard Difficulty Rewards

Halcyon Hills does not grant rewards upon completion.


The Holy Orchard

Operation: Monkey Shine

Cruel Harvest (Easy/Normal/Hard)


Juicy Brute

Peachy Mean

The Fruits of Labor

You Want a Peach of Me?

High-Hanging Fruit

Monkey Business

Journey to the Best

Ape Scrape