Hall of Trials

You come from Heaven's Reach? I'll show you hell.

The invitation to Princess Namsoyoo's coronation was highly sought after. Among the expected guests were royalty and ambassadors, actors and singers, philosophers and tycoons, professors, and even the legendary Hongmoon Hero and the Eight Masters. However, Tayjin of the Eight Masters could not stay idle, even amidst the grand festivities.

Despite their duty to protect the Earthen Realm from the Dark Lord's invasion and enslavement, Tayjin and the other Masters were no longer the Realm's sole defenders. Driven to prove himself, Tayjin departed for the sacred island of Nykarri, where he would face the grueling clan trials to further hone his martial arts skills. These trials had been passed down from the ancient spirits who taught the clan founders how to infuse martial arts with primordial power.

Upon arriving on Nykarri in search of Tayjin, the clan elders immediately sensed that something was amiss. The barrier of Chi was raging, as fierce and unpredictable as an untamed tiger, affecting not only the warriors who sought to train, but also the island's guardians. Those who dared to challenge the Namdo clan's trials would have to face impossible odds to bring Tayjin back from the brink.



Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Gunwon City > Nykarri Island

Level design

Boss Encounters

Koryak — "Eternal Watchman"

Direct Koryak's Soul Smash toward the surrounding Stone Sentinels' Nykarri Will to break the protective aura.

Chrysus — "Namdo Master"

Take the clan trials and face off against Chrysus, now frenzied from the infection of Chaos.


Easy Difficulty Rewards

Hall of Trials does not grant rewards upon completion.

Normal Difficulty Rewards

Hall of Trials does not grant rewards upon completion.

Hard Difficulty Rewards


Nykarri Island

The Missing Master

Searching for Tayjin

Trials of the Namdo

Trial by Fury (Easy/Normal/Hard)


Trial and Terror

Trial Challenger - Stage 1

Trial Challenger - Stage 2

Trial Challenger - Stage 3

Trial Hero - Stage 1

Trial Hero - Stage 2

Trial Hero - Stage 3

Trial Conqueror - Stage 1

Trial Conqueror - Stage 2

Trial Conqueror - Stage 3

Trial Legend - Stage 1

Trial Legend - Stage 2

Trial Legend - Stage 3

Out of Order