Shrouded Ajanara

We must rise to meet every challenge.

As a sage of unparalleled prowess, Grandmaster Nayul has forsaken many of life's carnal pleasures in his unwavering quest for self-actualization. To him, it has been more than a mere obligation; it has been his divine mission. Nayul deduced that to fully harness the boundless cosmic energies that surge through the Dragon Pulses, one must sever all ties with the corporeal world. One cannot hope to transcend the earthly realm if they remain tethered to it.

Recently, Nayul's meditative reveries have been disturbed by ominous visions. The very fabric of the universe has undergone cataclysmic transformations that could imperil us all. A great upheaval is on the horizon.

Historical accounts reveal that there are myriad ways to breach the boundary between our realm and that of the divine, and Nayul believes that such a convergence, which has not materialized in a millennium, is nigh. The last time it occurred, the Earthen Realm would have met its ruin had it not been for the Four Guardians and the selfless heroism of Lord Mushin.

As the miasma of evil once again creeps closer, amassing the full might of the Dark Realm against mortalkind, Nayul proffers his aid in fortifying you for the impending confrontation with the nefarious Dark Lord. Heed the clarion call and make your way to the courtyard outside the Stone Lotus Temple, where the very air is steeped in the malevolent aura of the Dark Realm, and face the Grandmaster in a harrowing battle that shall test your mettle to the brink of annihilation.


Difficulty Adjustments

May 21, 2024 — Shrouded Visions


Blade & Soul Shrouded Ajanara Solo Dungeon - Entrance

Outlook of the entrance

Blade & Soul Shrouded Ajanara Solo Dungeon - World Map Mini Map

Location of the instance

Solak > Ajanara Monastery

Boss Encounters

Blade & Soul Shrouded Ajanara Solo Dungeon - Nayul Boss

Nayul — "Grandmaster"

The esteemed chieftain of the Ajanara Brotherhood. Collect the trace left from Nayul's attacks to convert it into Spirit Surge, allowing you to react to Nayul's lethal strikes. On Hard Mode, you'll be at the mercy of Nayul's Invocation, granting him powers transcending human limitations.


Merchant Shop — Songhyun

Exchange for Nayul Coins:
Exchange for Ajanara/Grandmaster's Emblem:

Easy Difficulty Rewards

Normal Difficulty Rewards

Hard Difficulty Rewards


Shrouded Ajanara

Shrouded Dawn (Easy/Normal)

Darkest Dawn (Hard)

Grand Design — Completion

Grand Design — Bonus


Shrouded in Mystery

Frozen Lotus

Seeing the Truth

War and Peace

Brother in Arms

Ajanara Accolades

Inner Pace

Good Karma