Dual Blade

Dual Blades live by one mantra: the best defense is a good offense.

Wielding Twin Swords, the Dual Blade is a melee-centred class, mastered only by the Jin and Yun. The swiftness of these martial artists allows them to be as elusive to catch as the thunderbolt.

Invoking the might of the Shifting Blades art allows for cycling through stances to lash out a flurry of blows, while the Lotus art channels the energy of harmony in a floral spectacleβ€”to deadly effect. Instil your foes with fear as your blades dance in an elegant maelstrom, flashing around and through adversaries, before quickly eliminating the threat through a barrage of rapid sword strikes.

  • Available Races: Jin, Yun

  • Available Specializations: Shifting Blades, Lotus

Shifting Blades

Cycle through several stances to always keep your enemies guessing.


Blade and Switch

  • Enhances Switch Strike and Turn Strike

Going the Distance

  • Adds additional effects to Blade Surge and Drop Strike skills that vary depending on the HP of your opponent

  • Increases the maximum range of Blade Surge and Drop Strike skills by 4m

The Storm and the Fury

  • Enhances the effects of Blade Fury and Storm Blade skills

Double Back

  • Decreases the cooldowns of Knee Strike and Phase Step

  • Enhances the effects of Knee Strike, Backshift, and Phase Step


  • Adds Knock Down and Knock Back effects to Blade Surge skills, Drop Strike skills, Drive Strike, and Decimator

Double Cross

  • Adds additional effects to Blade Surge and Drop Strike skills

  • Adds Daze effect to Storm Blade: Onslaught

  • Enhances Knee Strike

Sharper, Better, Faster, Stronger

  • Enhances Blade Surge, Drop Strikes, Blade Fury, and Storm Blade skills

Sacrifices were Made

  • Enhances Blade Surge, Drop Strike, and Drive Strike skills

  • Adds effects to Blade Surge, Drop Strike, Blade Fury, Storm Blade, and Drive Strike skills

Hard to Hit

  • Reduces the cooldowns of Cut Off, Cut Through, and Backshift

  • Adds additional effects to Cut Off, Cut Through, Backshift, and Drive Strike

Life Hacker

  • Enhances Drive Strike and reduces its cooldown

Master Splinter

  • Enhances Drive Strike

  • Enhances Decimator

  • Changes Splinter Strike to Phantom Rush

Short Cutter

  • Enhances Drive Strike and reduces its cooldown

  • Enhances Decimator

Survival of the Fittest

  • Alters the effects of Splinter and Shifting Blades

Death Wish

  • Alters the effects of Splinter

Living a Double Life

  • Alters the effects of Splinter


Harness the power of the Lotus and dominate the battlefield.


Slash and Turn

  • Enhances Lotus Slash

  • Enhances Cyclone Slash

Earth, Wind, and Dire

  • Extends the duration of the Wind effect

  • Extends the duration of the Earth effect

Primordial Muse

  • Enhances Blossom

  • Enhances Primordia

  • Alters Lotus Slash and Cyclone Slash damage

Brutal Ballet

  • Culling Strikes available

Climate Control

  • Changes Culling Strikes to Warding Aura

Ruse Cruise

  • Changes Culling Strikes to Blade Ruse

Hard to Hit

  • Enhances Lotus Step

  • Enhances Fall Back

Prune and Parry

  • Parry available

  • Parry reduces Anklebiter, Knee Strike, Fly Kick, and Wind Gyre's cooldowns


  • Wild Lotus available

Nature's Wrath

  • Enhances Wild Fire

Fire Season

  • Enhances Primordia

Emergency Evacuation

  • Changes Wild Fire to Flamewave

Prime Attack

  • Enhances Primordia

Prime Defense

  • Enhances Primordia

Prime Opportunity

  • Enhances Primordia