Dual Blade

The Dual Blade martial arts style embodies the pinnacle of elegance and agility. Practitioners wield a pair of swords with effortless grace, creating a spellbinding ballet of gleaming steel. Swifter than lightning, the Dual Blade evades oncoming assaults with ease, scarcely grazed by the enemy's onslaught.

Employing the Shifting Blades technique, they seamlessly transition between various stances, unleashing a tempestuous storm of attacks in rapid succession—at the risk of their own safety. The Lotus technique, however, empowers the Dual Blade to harness the essence of nature, transforming it into a dazzling yet perilous spectacle of flashing steel.

One must not be deceived by their graceful demeanor. With unrivaled swiftness and precision, the Dual Blade can instantaneously shift the tides of battle, transforming into an indomitable force that demands the utmost respect on the battlefield.