I designed this gear myself. Shocking, isn't it?

The aftermath of the Aerodrome incident left the New Masters with an urgent mission - to locate and bring to justice the ruthless kidnappers. Meanwhile, the Talus Investigation Bureau stumbled upon a stunning revelation that shook the very foundation of their beliefs. It appeared that the Aerodrome was not fueled by Soulstones or Dark Chi, as they had assumed, but by a more ancient and lethal force known as Chaos. This sinister force, older than Dark Chi, appealed to the darkest impulses of mortals and left a trail of destruction in its wake.

Talus agents scoured the vast expanse of the continent for any hint of the culprits behind this nefarious scheme. The evidence led them to the infamous figure known only as the "Architect" - a man with a sinister agenda. He aimed to overthrow the Empress and incite a revolution by manipulating the destructive power of Chaos. He intended to turn ordinary individuals into living weapons, with the potential to wreak unimaginable havoc on the world as we know it.

Putting an end to the Architect's treacherous plans is crucial to ensure that Chaos is sealed away, never to be unleashed upon the Realm again. The fate of our world hangs in the balance, and only swift and decisive action can safeguard our future.



Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Silverfrost Mountains > Zaiwei 

Level design

Boss Encounters

Kaliburn — "Substratum Securobot"

Once the Security Alarm has been activated, Kaliburn incinerates intruders using spinning Flamethrowers.

The Architect — "Substratum Boss"

The Architect uses toxic gas, explosives and Chaos to deal with infiltrators.


Easy Difficulty Rewards

Substratum does not grant rewards upon completion.

Normal Difficulty Rewards

Substratum does not grant rewards upon completion.

Hard Difficulty Rewards


The Substratum

Architect of Chaos

Man of War

The Low Road

The Underminer (Easy/Normal/Hard)


Going Under

Armed and Dangerous


The Stench of Success

Crumbling Foundations

Dire Drill