Hangar 0

Target confirmed for removal.

In the midst of the Talus-Stratus war, the Emperor issued a decree to initiate "Project Resurgence," a bold endeavor to reverse-engineer Naryu automatons. To carry out this task, a select team of top-tier researchers was assembled and stationed in the clandestine Talus military facility known as "Hangar 0". Their mission was clear: unlock the secrets of the powerful automatons and gain an advantage in the ongoing conflict.

Inside the top-secret facility, the team of researchers delved deep into their work. They encountered unforeseen challenges and obstacles, but their unwavering dedication led to groundbreaking progress. However, the cost of the project was enormous, and the risks were high. Despite their hard work, the project was ultimately deemed a failure.

In an effort to prevent the dangerous technology from falling into the wrong hands, the Talus military made the decision to seal the project and all its weapons inside the facility. Hangar 0 was buried deep underground, becoming nothing more than a forgotten relic of a failed experiment.

Years later, the abandoned facility was given new life by a notorious group of radicals known as the Silversteel. These mysterious and dangerous individuals had infiltrated the classified weapon hangar and seized control of its formidable assets. Their goal was to form a cohesive whole and use the technology for their nefarious plans.

It is now up to you to confront the Silversteel and rid the facility of their presence. With their tight grip on the powerful weaponry, the stakes are higher than ever.


Boss Encounters

TT- 1215 Thronebreaker

A quick death awaits should the Nano Drill explode.

X-Cavator 500 — "Construction Automaton"

The X-Cavator 500, typically in charge of construction, is equally proficient in carrying out attacks using drills and chains. Its complex machinery is what allows it to break through mountains and warriors alike.

Kolossos Prime — "War Automaton"

Kolossos Prime is the result of the Talus’s most cutting edge technology. The result is an automaton believed to be the most advanced and dangerous war machine in the Earthen Realm.


Common Rewards



Easy Difficulty Rewards

Soul Shield


Hard Difficulty Rewards




Zero Hour

Ground Zero

Prime Mover


Fell the Kolossos

Past its Prime

Control and Delete

Hangar Management

System Override

Zero In

What the Steel Stole