The Shadowmoor

I'll send ye to the sea floor!

Centuries past, in an era preceding the birth of even the earliest Blackram Marauder, a different breed of dread prowled the vast expanse of the open seas. Commanded by the indomitable Captain Mookwan and his motley assemblage of treasure-seekers, the infamous Shadowmoor emerged as the pioneering pirate vessel to achieve notoriety by name alone. And such repute was not without warrant, for tales whispered of a ship that defied the winds, a craft that outpaced all rivals upon the surging tides, and a crew invincible upon the boundless waters.

Yet, after an arduous and hair-raising pursuit, the ship and its ill-reputed crew met their fateful end, consigned to a watery sepulcher at the murky depths of the ominous sea. But the Shadowmoor refused to slumber while other vessels sailed freely above. Legend held that, in a pact that demanded a thousand ships and a myriad souls to take their place in the abyssal abyss, the Shadowmoor possessed the power to resurrect from its aqueous grave.

Difficulty Adjustments

April 10, 2019 Legends Reborn

March 13, 2019 Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan

Boss Encounters

Gubira — "First Lizard"

First lizard of the Shadowmoor's first mate. After sinking to the bottom of the sea, it grew in size and power with scales hardened by the silicate and quartz. This once friendly pet is now as unforgiving as stone. 

Salgun — "Shadowmoor First Mate"

Salgun, the First Mate of the Shadowmoor, command Sharks and Raging Waves.

Mookwan — "Shadowmoor Captain"

Once the most notorious pirate captain in the Realm, he sank to the ocean depths along with his ship, the Shadowmoor. Legends say he made a bargain with the Sea itself and now sails again, striving to pay off a formidable debt: a thousand sunken ships to take the place of his own. 






Horrors of the Shadowmoor

Shadowmoor Rising

Unmoor the Shadowmoor


Unmoor the Shadowmoor

Anchor's Astray

Blast from the Mast

Dead Man's Last Tale

Out of the Shadows

I'm the Captain Now

Running the Plank