Musicians, virtuosos of rhythm and harmony, wield a Harp along with the power of music to embolden their comrades and unleash a formidable sonic assault upon their foes. With boundless creativity and strategic guile, they possess an extraordinary ability to sway the course of battle, uplifting their allies with enchanting melodies or orchestrating symphonies that unleash devastating chaos upon their enemies.

These musical maestros stand at the nexus of celestial artistry, able to choose between two distinct paths. The path of the Divine beckons them to master the sacred art of music, channeling celestial vigor and vanquishing foes through the deft manipulation of the Soul Strings. Alternatively, the path of Harmony intertwines the cadence of music with primal might, elevating allies to celestial heights and submerging adversaries beneath the weight of their sonic supremacy.

Beware of being deceived by the graceful appearance and exquisite playing of a Musician. In the throes of battle, they transform into paragons of symphonic solidarity, harmonizing their team's resilience amidst the tumultuous chaos. When the Musician casts cymbals that crash like waves, they become the true conductors of victory on the battlefield, their music the symphony of triumph echoing through the ages.