Force Master

The Force Master, brandishing a potent Bangle to channel the inner chi, commands the elements to dominate the battlefield and unleash devastating attacks from afar. In between their elemental strikes, the Force Master nimbly and gracefully sidesteps harm's grasp to deftly elude impending threats.

Embracing the trail of Flame, they rain down scorching fire, engulfing their foes in a blaze that reduces all to ashes. Alternatively, they embrace the frigid path of Frost, conjuring blizzards of icy fury and frozen crystals to control the tides of conflict. Or, they embrace the way of Lightning, transforming into a conductor of raw power.

But their prowess extends beyond mere devastation. The Force Master can use their Phantom Grip to ensnare adversaries and suspend foes mid-air for their allies to strike with intensified force. Delving into the harmonious chi, the Force Master can also weave the threads of healing energy, conjuring the Divine Veil—a luminescent shield that not only stitches wounds but also deflects the onslaught of incoming projectiles.

Unparalleled prowess comes at a cost. Physical frailty renders the Force Master susceptible to crippling damage when their chi wanes and the battle intensifies. Yet, in the hands of a seasoned elemental conjurer, the Force Master transcends these limitations. Through sheer mastery, they pierce through the defenses of their adversaries, leaving only scorched ground behind.