Hollow's Heart

Leave our holy lands!

Hollow’s Heart is home to some of the oldest trees in the realm, and believed to be the birthplace of the ancient Khashabi Tribe. Years ago, when a corrupting darkness swept across the land, the Khashabi were forced to abandon their sacred homeland lest they too fall victim to the corruption. The Elder Sage, Jurupo, and a few other elders remained behind to try to save the sacred forest. In time, they too succumbed to the darkness and transformed into callous guardians blindly defending Hollow’s Heart from all outsiders, even those that would strive to save it. 

Difficulty Adjustments

September 12, 2018 Warden's Fury

July 25, 2018 False Idols

Boss Encounters

Executioner Brierbane

A Khashabi Elder Sentry who pledged to stay behind and protect his sacred homeland when his tribe abandoned Hollow's Heart. In time, the darkness that infected the land, gnawed at him from within, eventually transforming him from a guardian of life to an agent of death.

Spider Queen Gorgana

Gorgana, a massive and terrifying arachnid, is the queen of the spiders. She commands her Spiderlings to capture nearby prey.

Elder Sage Jurupo

The Elder Sage of the Khashabi Tribe. When corrosive darkness pushed his people out of the sacred groves of Hollow's Heart, only Jurupo and a few others stayed behind. The Elder Sage spent years trying to find a way to keep his sacred homeland pure, but he could not push back the tide of darkness. It swallowed his beloved forest and, in time, consumed him as well.


Easy Difficulty Rewards


Hollow Promises

Horrors of the Hollow

Heart of the Hollow


Hard as Oak

A Walk in the Bark

Easy as One-Two-Tree

Branch Manager

Hollow's Hero


Before the Leaves Fall