Interlude: A Conspiracy Begins

Evil Never Rests

"The summoning has failed... The Dark Lord remains trapped on the other side of the gate." a voice spoke from the shadows, low and morose.

"Fear not. That the path was open even for a short time was helpful to the cause." another replied. Murmurs from all about the darkness chimed out in agreement before they fell silent one by one, allowing the first to speak again.

"We have lost powerful pawns. Jinsoyun. Yura."

A third voice scoffed at the mention. "The Dark Lord has another advocate. One stronger than either of those failures."

The shadows roiled with hopeful mirth and filled the night with a terrible din, driven by malevolent intent. While the Dark Gate had been closed, it was not the end of their work. Just a minor obstacle to be overcome. It would not hinder them for long.

"For the glory of the Ebondrake."