Stonescale Passage


When a mortal takes their final breath, their soul embarks on a harrowing journey from the Earthen Realm to the elusive Spirit Realm. To traverse the treacherous terrain that lies ahead, the souls must walk the perilous Stonescale Passage, a path fraught with danger and uncertainty. The Keepers, a powerful group of guardians, are entrusted with the sacred duty of protecting these souls and ensuring their safe passage into the afterlife.

But now, a sinister force looms over the once peaceful Realm, and even the Keepers themselves are not immune to its insidious reach. Faced with an unprecedented evil that threatens to consume all in its path, the Keepers must seek out a particular warrior, one whose previous sojourns into the In-Between have imbued them with an otherworldly strength and power.

Recently, two malevolent spirits, Amasa and Amayun, have escaped from their ancient confines, their vengeful eyes set on wreaking havoc and destruction on all they encounter. With a bloodlust that cannot be quenched, they mercilessly ambush the Keepers as they guide the souls towards their final resting place, forcing the dead to take an alternate and potentially perilous path.

Their thirst for power and domination is insatiable, and they will stop at nothing to increase their strength. In their quest to become more formidable, Amasa and Amayun have resorted to absorbing the lone souls of the deceased, leaving the Keepers with no other option but to turn to you, a brave and fearless warrior, for aid.

The fate of the mortal and Spirit Realm rests solely in your hands, and the order that keeps these two worlds separate is depending on you to drive back the fiendish hordes and restore peace and tranquility to the beyond.


Boss Encounters

Eidolon of Earth; Eidolon of Air

The Stonscale Guardians, the Eidolon of Air and the Eidolon of Earth, stand apart. Yet, their harmonious connection pulses through the air, uniting their forces to infuse a Divergence Orb.

Amasa; Amayun

The shackles of eternal imprisonment shattered, Amasa, the serpent master, and Amayun, the sword master, are free. They unleash their dark powers, consuming the souls of the deceased, fueling their unstoppable ascent to unprecedented strength.


Easy Difficulty Rewards

Normal Difficulty Rewards

Hard Difficulty Rewards


Stonescale Passage

Sword and Scale

Ancient Evils (Easy)

Ancient Evils (Normal)

Ancient Evils (Hard)


Stone Cold

Den of Snakes

Road to Ruin

Tilting the Scales

Scaling Up

Fallen Idols

Snake Haste