Chimera Lab

Surrender to the chaos!

Junghado, the Talus Empress's stalwart guardian and a seasoned mentor in the martial arts, is in a dire situation. Once again, he turns to you for aid. Masked interlopers have breached the impregnable walls of the Talus Dungeon, where two illustrious members of the Ebondrake, Sterling and Myna, were held captive. Recently rescued from the Grimhorn, they were still reeling from their ordeal, drained of their strength, and mired in Chaos. The two warriors were abducted by the intruders, and their escape was covered up. The Talus Dominion has been unable to find any clues within its own borders, despite its exhaustive efforts, leaving them with no choice but to pursue the investigation in the Stratus Empire, where clandestine groups are known to lurk in the shadows.

A growing number of kidnappings have been reported in the Western District of the Stratus Empire, where the legacy of the Dowager and her Ebondrake is still revered by many. It appears that the same malevolent researchers who once conducted Tayhu's diabolical experiments in the Scarlet Conservatory are behind the recent abductions. The investigation has led to a suspicious entrance in the Western District, where eyewitnesses have reported seeing mysterious figures dragging unconscious victims into concealed tunnels.

A nauseating odor has emanated from the building, growing increasingly rank with each passing day. Eerie wails and shrieks have echoed from deep within the labyrinthine complex. For reasons unknown, the loathsome laboratory has been reopened, giving rise to nightmarish beasts imbued with Chaos.



Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Dasari Palace > Temple of Succession > Western Court

Level design

Boss Encounters

Mantix — "Project Manager"

Shielded by a potent layer of Blighted Energy, Mantix unleashes its chaotic power, transforming unsuspecting intruders into monstrous Chaotic Fiends.

Starling; Myna — "Altered Adepts"

Formerly elite members of the Ebondrake, twins Starling and Myna have been remade into abominations.


Easy Difficulty Rewards

Chimera Lab does not grant rewards upon completion.

Normal Difficulty Rewards

Chimera Lab does not grant rewards upon completion.

Hard Difficulty Rewards


The Chimera Lab

Up and Vanished

Fleeting Shadows

Monsters Within

Twinning — Bonus



XXX - Stage 1/2/3

XXX - Stage 1/2/3

XXX - Stage 1/2/3

XXX - Stage 1