Known Issues


  • Mystic Badges are not yet available.

  • Pet Aura stages Omega & Starborn are not yet available.

  • Talisman is not yet available.

  • Soul Shield sets for some dungeons are missing.

  • Soul Shield effects for Grim Blade are missing for the following sets:

    • Unstoppable

  • Soul Shield effects for Astromancer are missing for the following sets:

    • Scarlet Sky

  • Gems are not yet available.


  • Mythical Enhancement does not include the enhancement of Soul, Heart, Pet Aura, and Talisman.


  • Boss Encounters' HP Values, Condition Bars, and Enrage Timer details are incomplete.

  • Boss Encounters' mechanic summaries are incomplete for some bosses.

  • Soul Shield Rewards for the Astromancer are incomplete.

  • Skybreak Spire achievement The Guiding Light is missing.

  • Midnight Skypetal Plains raid instance is not yet available.

  • Mushin's Tower solo instance is not yet available.


  • Story Acts 7-11 are not yet available.