Zen Archer

To ascend as the Zen Archer, one must master the art of serenity amidst the chaos of battle. With a Bow in hand, the Zen Archer traverses the field, their lithe movements as graceful as flowing water. Each arrow they release is a relentless hail of razor-sharp projectiles. Masters of evasion, they seamlessly navigate the terrain, striking like lightning and vanishing before their foes can retaliate.

Zen Archers may choose the path of the Lightbringer, a combatant skilled in harnessing the radiant brilliance of light and the resonant power of sound waves. Alternatively, they may pursue the way of the Windpiercer, embodying an agile hunter who emulates the swiftness of the wind and the stealth of enigmatic shadows, subduing their hapless prey with ease. The third path, the Thunderstriker, allows Zen Archers to invoke the raw fury of a tempest, unleashing it upon their adversaries in a torrential cascade of electrifying bolts.

In the face of impending doom, the Zen Archer emerges from the shadows. When the enemy succumbs to Breaker's debilitating touch, the Zen Archer seizes this ephemeral opportunity, their arrows rupturing the enemy's chi like a thousand pinpoints of light. With the enemy's chi disrupted, the Zen Archer and its allies can unleash a barrage of attacks, each augmented into cataclysmic blows.

Their reliance on constant movement makes Zen Archers vulnerable when ensnared. Their martial artistry demands an innate understanding of both self and foe. Only then can they summon the full magnitude of the Bow's power, unleashing devastation upon their adversaries, who stand helpless before the storm they have wrought.