Altar of the Infinite

Old or young, it matters not... Time was meant to be tamed!

The Aransu School, nestled amidst rolling hills, was the ancestral home of one of the oldest and most illustrious clans in the Realm. Within its walls, the boundary between Realms was as tenuous as a wisp of smoke, and the laws of nature were subject to the whims of accomplished conjurers.

The school had seen better days, forlorn and leaderless, it was teetering on the brink of extinction. The future of the once-proud clan hung in the balance, and a sense of foreboding weighed heavily on the hearts of its members. The decision to shut down the institution marked the end of an era, a crushing blow to the clan's legacy.

Determined to save the school, Unak journeyed to the clan's ancestral grounds to implore the elders. But to her shock, Unah encountered utter chaos upon arrival. Reality appeared to unravel before her eyes. The school was in flux, teetering on the edge of closure and reopening. The members of the clan were transformed overnight, growing old or becoming children, while their connection to their Thralls withered away.

Desperate for answers, the Aransu members scoured the library's dusty tomes and scrolls. Their research pointed to Master Soryan, a shadowy expert in the Way of Distortion. This art allowed manipulation of space and time, but Soryan had learned to pilfer time to extend his own lifespan. His heinous crimes resulted in his eternal banishment.

As Chaos continued to engulf the Realm, Soryan had awoken with an unquenchable thirst for power. He was draining time from the Aransu members, leaving them weak and defenseless. An unearthed altar, offering a glimpse into the clan's past, had revealed itself, and Soryan was determined to prevent the school's closure, even if it meant a ferocious battle.



Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Gunwon City > Dasari Palace Gardens > Aransu School > Altar of the Infinite

Level design

Burning incense at a shrine may activate a Dragon Pulse, teleporting the party deeper into the dungeon.

Boss Encounters

Kalma — "Grand Raven"

Tread carefully and dish out rapid strikes before the Soul Gate's execution begins.

Soryan — "Grand Elder"

Aransu School Founder who has the power to handle time. Afraid of his own power beyond the providence of nature, he sealed himself in the Aransu School.


Easy Difficulty Rewards

Altar of the Infinite does not grant rewards upon completion.

Normal Difficulty Rewards

Altar of the Infinite does not grant rewards upon completion.

Hard Difficulty Rewards


The Altar of the Infinite

End of the Aransu

Time Will Tell

From Here to Infinity

Killing Time (Easy/Normal/Hard)


Time Out

Aransu Challenger - Stage 1/2/3

Aransu Hero - Stage 1/2/3

Aransu Conqueror - Stage 1/2/3

Aransu Legend - Stage 1/2/3

Time Crisis