The Summoner's bond with nature is extraordinary, harnessed through a powerful Staff. From a safe distance, they launch strikes that carry the force of the natural world. But their true strength lies in their Familiar, a faithful companion that fights by their side and diverts enemies.

Walking the path of the Swarm, the Summoner adorns their allies with nature's blessings, while the essence of the wilderness courses through their veins. Delving into the teachings of the Thorns reveals the radiance of the sun itself, a celestial force that withers adversaries and bathes friends in its protective glow. And then, there are those who embrace the whimsy of the Fantasy path, fantastical warriors who weave spells from their own imagination.

Amidst the storm of relentless blows from a towering adversary, the party teetering on the brink of annihilation, the Summoner can conjure their Seed Shroud. Raising a Dandelion's delicate bloom, they share its ethereal essence with their comrades, weaving a momentary tapestry of invincibility around them. And beyond this, the Summoner's connection to nature grants them the gift of restoration, granting the ability to breathe life back into fallen friends.

The Summoner's supportive abilities often lead to misjudgment on the battlefield. But such misjudgment is a grave mistake. With their Familiar as a steadfast companion and their Rumble Queen primed for action, even the most formidable adversaries quake in terror at the glimpse of the tiny Summoner and its seemingly innocuous kitten.