House of Idols

Wanna play hide and shriek?

The House of Idols, an abandoned mansion located in the eerie Yurido Village, stood tall and ominous. The Yurido Adventurers' Club, a group of daring and intrepid explorers, set out to investigate this formidable structure, despite rumors of deadly traps and tortured souls. 

Little did they know, the mansion had a dark and sinister past that dated back to the time when Omocha, a wealthy and ruthless businessman, ruled the land. Omocha would throw grandiose festivals for the children of Yurido Village, flaunting his riches and weapons, until his wife and children met their untimely demise. With all his riches and no one to share it with, Omocha's life became a hollow shell.

The ghosts of the people slain by Omocha's weapons were said to have haunted him until his death. Terrified, Omocha retreated to his mansion, which he quickly turned into a fortress to protect himself from the spirits that tormented him. The walls of the manor were laden with complex labyrinths of deadly traps that could ensnare even the bravest adventurer. Countless dolls littered the corners of the manor, guarding it against any intruders that dared to enter.

Recently, an enigmatic figure had taken up residence in the deserted manor, sparking rumors of hidden treasures, toys, and fireworks. Just be caareful, for the monsters lurking within the walls of the manor were not to be trifled with. Their intentions were malevolent, and their actions were as deadly as the traps that surrounded them.


Boss Encounters

Needler — "Lexi's Puppet"

With its hulking presence, the Needler emerges, a monstrous puppet forged from a patchwork of aged textiles. Piercing hooks ensnare unsuspecting prey, immobilizing them as it unleashes an intricate web of deadly snares throughout the arena.

Hexi Lexi — "Puppetmaster"

Hexi Lexi, the puppetmaster of the manor, has been resurrected. She's anxious for you to meet her friends. Just be careful... she might also transform you into her very own puppet.


Easy Difficulty Rewards

Normal Difficulty Rewards

Hard Difficulty Rewards


The House of Idols

Cutting the Strings

Threads of Fate (Easy)

Threads of Fate (Normal)

Threads of Fate (Hard)


Playtime is Over

Toy Boxing

Razing the Dummy

All Dolled Up

Putting the House in Order

Bringing Down the House

World's Fastest Puppet Show

Cut Strings