The Lyn have always been in tune with the natural world and are uniquely able to call upon it. An Astromancer is highly destructive and can supply well-timed, strategic support to nearby friends.

Unique to the Lyn, this kind of warrior relies heavily on the ability to tap into their spiritual side to wield the energy of the stars and draw the thunder of the clouds. An Astromancer can cause utter devastation to any unsuspecting foe.

Should an Astromancer be caught out of place for just a brief moment, the tide of battle can quickly turn to their disadvantage. Their weak defences and their primary strength focused on the offensive side of combat leave the warrior prone to severe damage. An experienced Astromancer, one who keeps a keen eye on surrounding foes at all times, can unleash their most powerful and devastating attacks to lay waste to opponents with a single strike. The thunders will never cease with such a warrior on the battlefield.

  • Available Races: Lyn

  • Available Specializations: Starcaster, Stormweaver


A crafy conjurer that harnesses the power of the cosmos.


Meteor Showers

  • Unlocks Rapid Meteor during Full Photonic

  • Rapid Comet during Full Photonic

Star Therapy

  • Unlocks Bright Meteor during Full Photonic

  • Unlocks Bright Comet during Full Photonic

Crash Course

  • Unlocks Crashing Meteor during Full Photonic

  • Crashing Comet during Full Photonic


  • Parallax strikes opponents from Quadcore above when using Parallax during Quadcore effect


  • Changes range of Parallax when using Parallax during Starcore effect

Try Force

  • Increases damage of Parallax when using Parallax during Tricore effect


  • Increases duration of Star Form to 3 sec.

  • Revert resists damage and status effects for 1 sec.


  • Sets duration of Star Form at 1.5 sec.

  • Star Form can be used again up to 2 times after using Revert, Space Jump

  • Space Jump resists damage and status effects for 1 sec.


  • Sets duration of Star Form at 2 sec.

  • Increases Space Jump movement by 12m

  • +25% Damage Reduction for 10 sec. after using Revert or Space Jump

  • After using Revert, Reversal can be used within 10 sec. to move to the location where Star Form was first used

Swift Rift

  • Reduces the cooldown of Solar Rift, Void Rift, and Cosmic Rift while within range of Constellate

  • Parallax deals additional damage within Constellate area

Frozen Zodiac

  • Constellate inflicts Frostbite damage to opponents within range

  • Decreases the damage you take while within range of Constellate

Shooting Stars

  • Increases range of Star Shock, Star Daze, and Star Crash

  • Starflux knocks down the target when it hits

The Surface of the Sun

  • Solar Rift is available

  • Parallax deals additional damage during Solar Rift

The Dark Side of the Moon

  • Unlocks Void Rift

  • Lightshow triggers Stun for 2 sec. on hit

The Big Bang

  • Unlocks Cosmic Rift

  • Unlocks Rift Nova

  • Lightshow stuns for 2 sec. on hit


An unrelenting fighter that channels the raw power of the Storm to scatter foes and rally allies.


The Thunder Roars

  • Increases damage of Thunder Palm and Orbital Strike

The Lightning Strikes

  • Increases damage of Breaker and Thunderball

The Wind Howls

  • Increases damage of Twister and Storm Strike


  • Adds Damage Reduction effect to Storm Form and Materialize


  • Alters status effects of Twister and Storm Form to knockback


  • Changes resistance effect of Storm Form to damage reduction boost

Flashes of Brilliance

  • Allows Flash Forward to be used repeatedly

In for a Shock

  • Resets cooldown of Supercharge when Storm Shield counters an attack

  • Supercharge snares target on hit

Double the Trouble

  • Enhances Electrify so that it hits opponents twice

A Step Ahead

  • Storm Step and Portent Step reset the cooldown of Storm Shield when used

Thunder Cover

  • Storm Step and Portent Step triggers Stealth when used

Caught in the Storm

  • Orbital Strike snares opponents within the area of effect of Portent when it hits

  • Orbital Strike deals additional damage to Snared opponents

Polarity Clarity

  • Polarity generates 3 Nimbus and Ion stacks when used

Polar Consequence

  • Polarity generates 10 stacks of Ultra Polarity when used

  • Ultra Polarity reduces Recovery

  • Ultra Polarity increased Damage Reduction, Movement Speed

A Walk in the Clouds

  • Polarity resets the cooldowns of Storm Step and Portent Step when used

  • Using Storm Step or Portent Step during Polarity decreases the cooldown