Soul Fighter

The Soul Fighter is a master of chi, descended from Kung Fu Masters and Force Masters. These warriors channel their inner energy through Bracers, unleashing attacks that can cripple even the most formidable adversaries.

Within the Soul Fighter's repertoire is a trio of specializations: Enduring Strength, Eternal Soul, and Divine Hand. The Enduring Strength specialization augments their inner power and the power of their comrades, overwhelming the adversary with bone-crushing strikes. The Eternal Soul specialization allows them to seamlessly traverse between Kung Fu and Elemental stances, launching assaults upon their hapless enemies. And the Divine Hand specialization allows them to channel a force mightier than the fabric of reality itself.

Yet, their prowess extends far beyond sheer offense. When the Soul Fighter's companions teeter on the brink of exhaustion, their powers drained and abilities expended, it is the Soul Fighter who emerges as the beacon of hope as their Resurrection Chi illuminates the battlefield. In that moment of resurgence, the tide of battle turns, the party reforged and ready to confront the looming tempest with renewed vigor.

To dismiss the tempestuous fusion of their essence, wherein they become one with the roiling storm and unleash the boundless fury of their chi, would be a grave miscalculation.