Heaven's Mandate

I will end your suffering!

As the Divine Mandate Ceremony drew to a close, the impending opening of the ominous Dark Gate loomed ever closer. The ceremony's success hinged on a precise alignment of celestial bodies, which signaled a fleeting connection between the Realms, a momentary window of opportunity. However, the ceremony could not proceed without the fabled Twilight's Edge, a key that would unlock the heavens' favor and anoint the next emperor.

If the ceremony proved successful, the impregnable walls of Zaiwei would crumble as malevolent fiends swarmed the city, intent on wreaking havoc upon innocent civilians. Only the mightiest of warriors and the remaining Sacred Beasts of the Earth Realm stood a chance against these monstrous invaders, fighting together in a final, epic battle. The fierce Jinsoyun, long consumed by a thirst for revenge, was ultimately vanquished, her dark path finally coming to an end.

In the aftermath of the momentous battle, Kosan and Bodul, determined to carry on their father's research, endeavored to create a portal that could transport them back in time. After several attempts, they managed to open a portal that led them to the very day of the Divine Mandate Ceremony. By stepping through the portal, they could witness a haunting memory of one of history's most legendary battles.

Enter the portal and relive a dark memory of a battle that went down in history!


Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Silverfrost Mountains > Zaiwei > Altar of Divine Will

Level design

Boss Encounters


Whispered of as Lady Blackrose by those who dare speak her name, Jinsoyun, once an apprentice under Jiwan "the Righteous Blade," evolved into Talus' formidable guardian angel and emissary. Clad in obsidian garb, she wields unfathomable dark sorcery, obliterating adversaries, while her eyes, ablaze with anguish and years of seething enmity, embody the tormented depths of her soul.

Jinsoyun the Dark Emissary


Completion Rewards

Merchant Shop — Mallang

Merchant Shop — Mollang


Rose from the Past

In Blackest Night


Heaven's Mandate

Honoring Master Hong

Leaving it All on the Altar

Delivering Divine Justice

Hongmoon Retribution