Immerse yourself in the ever-expanding realm of Blade & Soul, where the world springs to life, drawing inspiration from the brush strokes of the revered artist Hyung Tae Kim.

As your narrative unfolds and blossoms, your path shall wind its way through untrodden territories of the Earthly Realm, each brimming with unseen wonders. Gaze upon the crystalline waters that grace the Viridian Coast, a sanctuary of serenity where ethereal waves lap against immaculate shores.

Yet, dare to venture across continents, and the landscape morphs into a treacherous panorama of desolation and decay known as Solak. Here, the very earth groans under the weight of darkness, and the air hangs heavy with despair.

Below, you can delve deep into the rich tapestry of lore and story, that envelops the diverse regions of this world. Blade & Soul is a world of vibrant contrasts, where beauty and serenity intertwine with darkness and decay. It is a world that will challenge you, inspire you, and captivate you.

Earthen Realm

The Earthen Realm is a place of wonder, teeming with the beauty of the natural world and a wide variety of inhabitants. Mortals live side by side with beasts, spirits, and inexplicable creatures born of the mystical energies of the world. Of course, for every gorgeous sunset beyond lush forests, there are also dangerous mires where hidden threats lurk patiently for the unwary. Only the unwise would dare wander the lands content in their ignorance of the world and its potential threats. 

Viridian Coast

The Viridian Coast boasts an enchanting landscapes, unrivaled in its splendor and abundance. It's a place that elicits dreams of tranquility and captivates the senses with its ethereal allure.

The sun-kissed shores stretch beyond Bamboo Village, a haven painted with strokes of picturesque beauty. Beyond lies the haunting depths of the Gloomdross Forest, where spectral phantoms frolic amidst the shadows. And the resolute grandeur of the coastal cliffs crown the majestic Songshu Isle.

The Viridian Coast is true to its name, embracing a verdant symphony of emerald plains, where the grasses sway in harmonious rhythm. Cool bamboo forests whisper secrets of ancient wisdom. Valleys rise towards the sky, their fragments reaching dizzying heights that challenge the imagination.

Jadestone Village, a bustling community, sits upon the lakeside, where the currents of commerce flow with ceaseless vitality. The elusive Hongmoon School lies tucked away beyond Heaven's Reach.

Yet, amidst this serene beauty, a sinister undercurrent taints the air. The nefarious Blackram Marauders, lurking in the shadows, await their moment to strike. And in the heart of the Gloomdross Forest, restless spirits roam, their ethereal presence casting an eerie pall over the land.

The Cinderlands

The Cinderlands, once the majestic mainland of the mighty Naryu Empire, now lies in ruins, its verdant forests withered and its rivers reduced to whispers. A battleground against the invading demons from the Dark Realm, the Naryu Empire was blighted during the Four Guardian's fight against the great corrupted energy. Yet, amidst this desolation, glimmers of hope remain.

Yehara's Mirage stands as a beacon of hope, offering respite and revelry to weary travelers. This oasis in the desolate landscape provides a much-needed sanctuary for those seeking refuge from the harsh realities of the Cinderlands.

Venture beyond the scorching dunes, and you'll discover Jaofang Village, its untamed wilderness echoing with primal calls. This untamed outpost is home to a hardy community that lives in harmony with the wild.

Further afield lies the Blindeye Bazaar, a clandestine haven for illicit dealings. Merchants from far and wide gather here to exchange goods and secrets, their whispers carried away by the desert winds.

The path to Mushin's tomb, rumored to hold unimaginable treasures, is fraught with perils. Ferocious Bonemask warriors, venomous scorpions, and cunning tomb raiders guard the entrance, testing the mettle of even the bravest adventurers. Only those with unwavering resolve and dauntless courage can hope to claim the riches that lie within.

Moonwater Plains

On the grand Eastern Continent, where sparkling rivers and cascading waterfalls adorn the land, lies the captivating Moonwater Plains. In this harmonious realm, humans and nature coexist peacefully, with the Lyn from Brightstone Village, the hardworking farmers of Hogshead Pastures, and the native inhabitants sharing this extraordinary sanctuary.

A mesmerizing tapestry of landscapes unfolds before the eyes, showcasing the breathtaking Sapphire Basin, an ethereal paradise teeming with fantastical creatures. Within this refuge, you might encounter the curious Ploggles, amphibian beings who hop and croak in a joyful chorus. 

Yet, amidst this vibrant symphony of life, a dark shadow looms, steeped in darkness and foreboding. The Haunted Necropolis, tainted by corrupted energy three decades ago, stands as a stark reminder of past misfortunes. Within its gloomy depths, a monstrous outbreak threatens to unleash itself endlessly, held at bay only by the unwavering determination of the courageous Snapjaw Tribe, the sole defense against the malevolent forces lurking within. 

As the Eastern Continent falls under the dominion of the formidable Talus Empire, vigilance is essential, for the specter of violence haunts its lands. Tensions rise as the indomitable Talus Army clashes with the daring Skyhaven Resistance, igniting sparks of conflict that could flare into an inferno of rebellion at any moment. 

In this perilous landscape, danger lurks around every corner, urging inhabitants to tread carefully and be prepared for the tumultuous storms of strife that may engulf them. Only time will tell whether the Moonwater Plains can withstand the trials that lie ahead, or whether the enchanting beauty of this realm will be forever tarnished by the forces of darkness.

Silverfrost Mountains

To the south of the Silverfrost Mountains, where the salty ocean breezes dance with the petals of aromatic wildflowers, lies the resplendent expanse of the Skypetal Plains. Amidst this idyllic landscape stands Zaiwei, the majestic capital of the Talus Dominion, a gleaming testament to opulence and power amidst nature's embrace. However, this city's tranquil facade masks a perpetual struggle against the thieving Lumang Syndicate, the corrupt Hao Society, and the formidable beasts that claim the Skypetal Plains as their domain.

Beyond the vibrant city limits, the landscape transforms into an unforgiving realm of frozen mountains, their icy peaks piercing the heavens, shrouded in raging snowstorms that mercilessly punish those who dare to trespass. Scattered amidst this wintry wilderness lie ancient temples, their once-glorious deities slumbering in hushed silence, awaiting the moment they will awaken to reclaim their dominion. While the region exudes an enigmatic allure, it is within the heart of the grand capital itself that the deepest, most obscured secrets reside, waiting to be unearthed.

Gunwon City

Far removed from the clamor of the outside world, Gunwon City lies serene and undisturbed, sheltered by towering barriers that seal off the awe-inspiring Cinderlands. Revered as one of the oldest cities in the Earthen Realm, its roots trace back to the golden era of the Empire. This venerable metropolis is home to a myriad of captivating locales, from the bustling harbor of Faircloud and the resplendent fields of the Dasari Palace Gardens to the destitute labyrinth of Gebang and the mystical depths of the Forgotten Forest, where legendary artifacts lie hidden, shrouded in whispers.

Beyond the central hubbub of Gunwon City lies the Celestial Basin, tucked away in the southeastern reaches. Within its hallowed grounds, a wild realm teems with untamed monsters, a treasure trove awaiting discovery by intrepid souls seeking fabled riches. The Celestial Basin stands as a solemn testament, the sole remnants of the once-grand Naryu civilizations, now reduced to ruins. This sacred ground resonates with an aura of sanctity, compelling the inhabitants to engage in peculiar rituals, striving to appease the ancient gods who still linger in ethereal echoes.

Dasari Palace

Renowned as the ethereal jewel of the Realm, Dasari Palace stands as a resplendent abode, cradling the fragmented Stratus Empire within its ornate walls. This opulent haven beckons wanderers from far-flung corners of the realm, offering an exquisite array of treasures and indulgences to satiate even the most discerning desires.

Venture towards the Fortune Harbor, and behold countless merchants, intrepid adventurers, and valiant warriors, all yearning to encounter the stalwart Stratus Guards who stand sentinel over the majestic Sweetwater Bridge.

Yet, beneath the gilded facade of this city, a malevolent darkness lurks, for Dasari Palace suffered a catastrophic loss with the emergence of a sinister Dark Gate. The Empire, once unified and thriving, now finds itself enfeebled and in disarray.

Dissenters have arisen from within the ranks of the Stratus, led by none other than the indomitable general, Yunma Kahn, who forged the formidable Talus Dominion. These two kingdoms, gripped by an irreconcilable enmity, find themselves mired in internal strife and pervasive corruption, locked in a perilous struggle for dominion and authority, their destinies intertwined in a tragic dance of power and ambition.


Shrouded in mystery, Solak, also known as the Land of Twilight, is a realm where the boundaries between worlds blur, allowing skilled martial artists to glimpse the In-Between. While dismissed as folklore by some, Solak is a treacherous wasteland tainted by Dark Chi, a sinister force that ensnares the unwary and corrupts life itself.

Dark Chi's influence plagues many regions, including the desolate Hantu Scrubland and the perilous Zasteri Badlands, breeding grounds for malevolent creatures where only the most daring adventurers venture.

Yet, amidst the encroaching darkness, several tribes in Solak have held back its grip. The Ajanara Monastery's monks have erected Chi-infused barriers, while the Yun's connection to nature protects their remote abode, Valindria. Further south lies the magical island of Moon Refuge, home to the enigmatic Sacred Longgui and extraordinary wild creatures, though they too bear the affliction of the Banestone infection. In the northwest, the toxic Empyrean Citadel stands as a stark reminder of unchecked ambition, where the dead rise to atone for the sins of Prince Sobu, a ruler corrupted by Dark Chi.

Despite the pervasive darkness, Solak boasts breathtaking vistas, ancient forests, and venerable towns that have weathered the storms of time. Only those fortunate enough to witness Solak's wonders can truly comprehend its profound beauty and magic, for it is a realm that inspires awe and wonder in equal measure. Solak is a land of contrasts, where the sublime and the sinister intertwine, creating a realm of captivating mystique.

East Island

From the primordial chaos, the Earthen Realm emerged, its lands and people birthed by the Divines. Scattered across the four cardinal continents, Uttara stands as the first, its nights painted with celestial brilliance and winters locked in an eternal embrace.

Yet, the Gon, a people as indomitable as their land, have never been known for their trusting nature. Their rulers, wary of the Realm's meddling bureaucracy, have long kept Uttara isolated. For decades, the ancestral homeland of the Gon has remained an enigma, its mysteries concealed from the outside world.

Power in Uttara rests in the callous hands of the Inheritors, a ruthless military junta clad in crimson armor. Years ago, they seized control from the crumbling Northern empire, ushering in an era of tyranny and exploitation. The Inheritors allowed infrastructure to decay, levied crippling taxes to fuel their excesses, and resorted to selling their own people into slavery.

The East Island's volcanic terrain, a realm of both immense wealth and perilous danger, pushes its inhabitants to the very brink of survival, where fear of the law pales in comparison to the ever-present threat of nature's wrath. In the north, the Central Commerce District hums with activity, drawing riches from across the northern lands. However, beneath its veneer of glamour lurks a sinister underbelly where the horrors of the slave trade flourish unchecked. Meanwhile, in Dhunga Village, former royalty and their loyal supporters eke out a meager existence amidst dwindling resources and the bleak weight of despair.

Divine Realm

Beyond the Earthen Realm rests the unseen Divine Realm, where the pure-hearted spirits and enlightened beings watch over the world. Their chi is pristine and mighty, bearing a power that echoes through the ages. The royal family of the Stratus Empire gained the blessings of the Divine beings in ancient times and thus all its descendants bear a hint of that Divine Chi within them, passing from generation to generation.

It is not a power that is easily gained though. Few mortal beings ever bear the Divine Realm’s energy within them and even fewer master it. But those who do become enlightened enough to embrace Divine Chi stand ready to face the darkness without fear, for the wicked forces of the Dark Realm burn like kindling in the face of such radiance.

As Dark Chi seeped in from the baleful Dark Realm, poisoning the world and unleashing demons upon the populace, the Divine Realm gave a call to arms. Of all the beings in the Earthen Realm, four powerful martial artists were chosen to fight against the darkness. Mushin: the Divine Fist and the heir to the Naryu bloodline. Jiwan: the Righteous Blade. Iksanun: the Realmwalker. Hong Sokgyun, the eldest of the Four Guardians and so mighty his power earned him the title Earthbreaker. It is said that the divine spirits granted these Four Guardians a weapon of immeasurable power and unknown origins: the Twilight’s Edge. It is said the weapon would change its form to suit whoever wielded it and could drive back the darkness. Armed with the Twilight’s Edge and empowered by the mystical blessings of the Divine Realm, the Four Guardians met the demons in glorious battle.

Getting to the Divine Realm is not an easy task, and once you're there, the hardships continue. The Realm is free from rules and can be especially disorienting for newcomers. Unlike the Earthen Realm, time doesn't move one way and places never stay in the same location. At the same time, the Divine Realm is also a place of abundance and peace;  there is no hunter, no prey, no factions or enmity that divides the people. All creatures can live together in harmony and an everlasting peace.

Savan Village

Savan Village, much like the other enchanting realms within the Divine Realm, exudes an aura of captivating wonder. Embark on an immersive journey through the resplendent landscapes of Cloud Drift Creek, where ethereal mist weaves a delicate tapestry through the air. Ascend the majestic heights of Songrise Peak, where the heavens themselves seem to harmonize with the earth in a symphony of awe-inspiring beauty. Alternatively, lose yourself amidst the verdant orchards of the Halcyon Hills, a sanctuary adorned with the resplendent blooms of the Divine Peach, their petals like delicate strokes from a celestial painter's brush.

However, it is the magnetic allure of the north that beckons the intrepid souls. There lies the beguiling Lake of Reflection, an enchanted conduit that, with each ripple it breathes, carries the daring wanderer to their intended destination, even to the hallowed ground of the Divine Realm's most sacred havens. Legend whispers that within the tranquil depths of its placid waters, one's very essence is mirrored, unveiling the untrodden path leading to their destiny, guiding them toward their ultimate purpose with resolute clarity.

Dark Realm

The Dark Realm is home to the Dark Lord and his demons and the source of Dark Chi. The Dark Realm is separated from the Earthen Realm, only accessible through the formation of a Dark Gate. Thousands of years before, the Naryu Empire's excessive Soulstone mining inadvertently created a bridge to the Dark Realm, causing the first influx of demonic energy into the Earthen Realm. Since then, the Four Guardians and the Sacred Beasts of the Moonwater Plains have been fighting the darkness from returning.

The exact nature of the Dark Realm is shrouded in mystery but it is very clear that should the Earthen Realm be subject to its effects, the world would descend into chaos. Cults like the Ebondrake actively seek out Dark Chi; sometimes to continue a blind pursuit of power, and sometimes to open a Dark Gate to let the Dark Realm's ruler finally conquer the Earthen Realm.