Grim Nexus

You will be the sacrifice!

Years ago, in a sinister forest shrouded in darkness, an ominous tale unfurled its haunting tendrils. The courageous yet ill-fated Yesena had set forth on an expedition, venturing into the treacherous depths of the swamps that extended far beyond the borders of the town. Alas, the merciless Grimhorn Tribe, infamous for their savagery, purportedly snuffed out her life with an unforgiving cruelty that chilled the soul.

Years passed, casting a mournful shadow over the land, as Yesena's sister, Yehara, made her sorrowful pilgrimage to the spot where her beloved sibling had drawn her last breath. The water was dark and unsettled, its surface reflecting a distorted mirror image of Yehara as she approached the lotus flower where her sister had been buried. Its beauty contrasted with the dark waters and tangled overgrowth that surrounded it.

Without warning, the Grimhorn Tribe suddenly ambushed the Yehara, shattering the mournful tranquility. The clash that ensued was an abhorrent symphony of violence, as the savages chanted an eerie and arcane incantation, evoking malevolent forces that transcended mortal comprehension. After the brutal skirmish, Yehara emerged battered and bruised, clutching a peculiar stone that pulsed with the unhinged energy of Chaos, abandoned by one of the Grimhorn's ritualists.

After Yehara's retreat to safety, So Gabok found the Grimhorn's clandestine hideaway—an abandoned shrine nestled deep within the sprawling bosom of the forest. Majestic yet foreboding, an ancient tree stood sentinel, its colossal presence dominating the surrounding landscape. The whispers of tormented spirits reverberated through the air, emanating from roots deep within the forest.

The Grim Nexus looms with a sinister allure, beckoning intrepid souls to dare step into its maleficent embrace and confront the spine-chilling amalgamation of Chaos and Dark Chi forged by the twisted hands of the Grimhorn Tribe. The stakes have never been more perilous, and the looming danger has never been more formidable.



Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Cinderlands > Spirestone Canyons > Grim Nexus Entrance

Level design

Boss Encounters

Guum — "Nexus Guardian"

A Grimhorn Guardian who uses spirits to infuse Guum with astral power.

Asorak — "Face Stealer"

A Grimhorn Incantor who blends Chaos with Dark Chi. Asorak constantly switches techniques, all guided by the masks he wears.


Easy Difficulty Rewards

Grim Nexus does not grant rewards upon completion.

Normal Difficulty Rewards

Grim Nexus does not grant rewards upon completion.

Hard Difficulty Rewards


The Grim Nexus

By the Horns

Nexus of Chaos

Masks of Death

Concocting Chaos (Easy/Normal/Hard)



XXX - Stage 1/2/3

XXX - Stage 1

XXX - Stage 1/2/3

XXX - Stage 1/2/3