Circle of Sundering

Show me what you've learned!

At times, the most formidable adversary lurks deep within oneself, a concept that Grandmaster Nayul of the Ajanara Brotherhood had once expounded on in a prophecy. The prophecy also foretold of a warrior, mighty yet in need of guidance on the path to Enlightenment, who was to be taken to the Circle of Sundering. Upon hearing of an individual who possessed an extraordinary power coupled with a generous heart, Ajanara Monk Sungi came to believe that the prophesied warrior had finally been found.

The Circle of Sundering, situated within the Ajanary Monastery, is a place where one's mettle is put to the ultimate test. Within its confines, challengers are forced to confront their darkest fears and come to terms with the demons that lurk within their souls. The Circle serves as a crucible for one's spirit, and only those who possess an unwavering determination to attain enlightenment can emerge from it unscathed. The trials that one faces in the Circle are not for the faint of heart, for failing to overcome the obstacles that lie in one's path can lead even the bravest of warriors down the path of madness.



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Solak > Ajanara Monastery

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Boss Encounters

Yonkai; Goyong

Greed and cruelty lives in us all. Only through confronting our mistakes can we forgive ourselves.

Juwol — "Yes Ma'am"

Pride and vengeance are hollow. Only through forgiving others may we free ourselves.

Dochun — "Militia Captain"

Failure is an illusion. We must accept what we cannot change.

Master Hong — "Earthbreaker"

There are always lessons to be learned.


Completion Rewards

NPC Rewards — Merchant Songhyun


Full Circle

Sundered Reflections


Final Lesson

Past Master

Breaking Ground

Looking Within

Inner Struggles

Full Circle

Hong's Legacy