Drowning Deeps

Let me tell you your fortune. You're going to die...

As the people of Yurido Village strived to rebuild their homes and their lives, the nearby Amethyst Shore seemed to offer a wide horizon of hope and opportunity—for fishing, for trade, for travel and exploration away from the vicious Volkami. These dreams were quickly dashed along the rocky shore, and with every fishing vessel or ship that pushed out into the waves. Something was attacking the ships, something with enormous dark tentacles, something... that liked to sing.

Difficulty Adjustments

March 13, 2019 Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan

September 12, 2018 Warden's Fury

Boss Encounters

Ogarak — "Narcissistic Naiad"

Ogarak, a narcissistic naiad of the sea, wields a weapon with three blades, shimmering in the depths. Its ego is as vast as the ocean itself.

Bomak — "Vile Leviathan"

A sea creature that was corrupted when Dark Chi came to Solak. It now spends all of its time and energy to satisfy an appetite that never goes away. If there is blood in the water, Bomak will find it.

Numok — "Crooning Kraken"

The self-proclaimed Sultan of the Amethyst Shore, Numok is a cutthroat creature who enjoys toying with his victims almost as much as killing them. His hobbies include singing, capsizing boats, drowning people, and basket weaving.


Easy Difficulty Rewards


Mysteries of the Deeps

Roiling in the Deeps

Knee-deep in Clay

Squelch the Squid Song


The Sounds of Silence

Squash the Squid


Brave the Sea Cave

Deeps End

No More Numok

Dash Through the Deeps