Dreamsong Theater

Scream! So they can hear you in the back!

Miso, a cunning operative serving the mighty Stratus, ventured into the Street of Songs within the majestic confines of Dasari Palace. Her mission? To unravel the mystifying enigma surrounding the disappearance of several individuals. In the Stratus Empire's treacherous domain, it was typically the destitute and downtrodden who were swallowed whole by the ravenous jaws of the malevolent Ebondrake.

However, this time, the tides of misfortune had taken a mysterious twist. The missing souls belonged to the opulent echelons of society, esteemed magnates of commerce and illustrious socialites. United only by their vast wealth, these individuals had one peculiar common thread—they had all partaken in an otherworldly spectacle at the revered Dreamsong Theater. Veiled in a shroud of secrecy, whispers danced through the air, painting the theater as a den of nightmares, a stage where sinister transactions and clandestine plots were born.


Difficulty Adjustments

April 10, 2019 Legends Reborn

March 13, 2019 Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan

Boss Encounters

Aibito — "Dreamsong Theater Troupe"

As a Warlock and member of the Dreamsong Theater Troupe, Aibito summons powerful entities in the form of the Dreamer's Masks.


Part masked performer, part door man. He only lets the wealthy and the powerful enter the Dreamsong Theater and ensures that they never leave. 


Ringleader and principle entertainer of the Dreamsong Theater Troupe. He and his fellow performers use word of mouth and the allure of exclusivity to entice the wealthy elite of Gunwon City to watch their shows, wherein they take both their money and their lives. 


Common Rewards




Easy Difficulty Rewards


Hard Difficulty Rewards




The Song Side of the Street

Setting the Stage for Revenge

Masking the Hard Questions (Easy)

Masking the Hard Questions (Hard)


A Show of Force

Rumble in the Round

Martial Theater

Brawl Work and No Play

Breaking Center Stage

A Tough Act to Follow

A Quick Audition