The Warden channels their essence, transforming their lifeblood into a wellspring of battlefield ferocity. Brandishing their towering Greatsword, their primordial instincts surge forth, granting indomitable resilience that withstands savage onslaughts. With wrathful vengeance, each blow infused with ferocity, they retaliate.

Wardens can delve into the way of Madness, embracing fury to shield allies and unleash ruin on foes. Or they may tread the path of the Guardian, wielding a Divine Sword that draws upon radiant solar and ethereal lunar power, destroying foes and safeguarding companions with equal fervor. And finally, Wardens may embark on the path of the Inferno, wielding a blazing Greatsword that metes out divine retribution, reducing targets to ashes.

Against the abyss of impending doom, the Warden can ignite their Soul Flare, a conduit of the Nether Realm's unholy power. This surge of awakened might empowers both the Warden and their allies, infusing them with the fires of unyielding resilience. As their wings flare like the wrath of the heavens, the Warden unleashes a torrent of infernal fury, obliterating their foes with an unwavering resolve that knows no retreat.

By focusing fury, Wardens harness their life force, transforming into unstoppable juggernauts. Each sweeping arc of their Greatsword serves as a resounding proclamation: a stern warning to adversaries. The Warden's unwavering resolve to safeguard all they hold dear knows no bounds, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to protect and preserve.