Den of the Ancients

You can't fight the moonlight.

With a fervent desire to vanquish evil and become stronger, Grandmaster Nayul delved deep into the mystic arts to craft a sacred space that would hone the skills of aspiring warriors. He called it the Den of the Ancients, a training ground within the hallowed walls of the Ajanara Monastery. This hallowed training ground boasts an extraordinary trio of ageless Alphas, revered since time immemorial.

As a warrior sets foot into this sacred domain, they are greeted by three ethereal guardians who shimmer in the light, beckoning them with a promise of inner harmony and tranquility. 

The path to enlightenment is not for the faint of heart - one must be ready to channel their chi and brace themselves for battle. The three Alphas, Hachi, Machi, and M'ao, stand at the ready, their power palpable in the very air. Each embodies a unique strength, and together they form an unbreakable force. With their guidance, a warrior can overcome any obstacle and triumph over the forces of darkness.



View of the location in the game environment.

Location on the World Map.

Solak > Ajanara Monastery

Layout as seen from the World Map.

Boss Encounters

Hachi — "Watchdog"

Hachi, a fearsome Dogman brandishing his trusty staff, keenly scrutinizes his adversaries, searching for the chink in their armor. His piercing gaze bores into their defenses like a drill, probing for any hint of vulnerability to exploit. With cunning precision, Hachi exploits their weakness and seizes the advantage.

Machi — "Quick Buck"

Machi, a club-bearing Deerman, reinforces Power Struggle and inflicts Laceration to his opponents.

M'ao — "Moonlighter"

M'ao, a lithe and cunning Catwoman, wields her razor-sharp chakrams with deadly precision. Her primal abilities are imbued with the mystical energy of the silvery moon, which imbues her with feline grace and otherworldly strength. With a flick of her wrist, she unleashes a storm of gleaming blades that dance in the lunar glow.


Completion Rewards

NPC Rewards — Merchant Songhyun


Call of the Wild

Trial of the Ancients


Fighting the Moonlight

Taming the Wild

Taking All Nine Lives

Den it to Win it

Putting the Cat in the Bag

Don't Bet on the Alphas

Dash of the Ancients