Namdo Shrine

You reek of arrogance. I can smell it on your breath...

Despite your valiant efforts in the Hall of Trials, the malevolent force of Chaos continues to spread, stubbornly clinging to the innermost barriers that shield the sacred island's central shrine. The Chaos is like a poison, insidiously finding every chink in the armor of Tayjin's soul, exploiting his vulnerabilities to seep its venomous influence deep within. The passage of time is uncertain, and no one can say how long Tayjin will remain uncorrupted before the Chaos gains total control.

As the Namdo Clan struggles to stabilize the barriers, they beseech you, the holder of the Demonsbane scroll, to venture forth into the treacherous caves and confront the malignant spirits that dwell within. The Chaos is cunning, and with Tayjin isolated deep within the shrine, it has ample opportunity to link with his essence and possess his body and mind. The stakes are dire, and the need for immediate action is paramount.

Embark on your quest with determination and courage, ready to face whatever obstacles may lie ahead. The clock is ticking, and the threat of Tayjin's corruption looms like a dark cloud on the horizon. Rescue your old friend and ally from the clutches of the Chaos before it is too late!



Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Gunwon City > Nykarri Island

Level design

Boss Encounters

Betyl — "Cave Carver"

Afflict the boss with a Core Rapture to crack its shield.

Tayjin — "Chaos Claw"

Seal Tayjin's madness to fracture it, dealing great damage and inflicting a daze.


Easy Difficulty Rewards

Namdo Shrine does not grant rewards upon completion.

Normal Difficulty Rewards

Namdo Shrine does not grant rewards upon completion.

Hard Difficulty Rewards


Going The Limit

Tiger's Balm

Wolf's Bane

The Lone Wolf (Easy/Normal/Hard)


Wolf Down

Namdo Shrine Challenger - Stage 1/2/3

Namdo Shrine Hero - Stage 1/2/3

Namdo Shrine Conqueror - Stage 1

Namdo Shrine Legend - Stage 1

Don't Cave In