Thornwind Cavern

You've come to send me to the Divine Realm? You can try.

Behold the story of the valiant Eight Masters, a group of highly-skilled martial artists who banded together to defend the Earthen Realm from the malevolent forces of darkness and unravel the mystery of the Four Guardians who had vanished without a trace. Though they hailed from different factions and clans, the Eight Masters set aside their differences to pursue their common mission with unwavering determination.

Among their ranks was the illustrious Madun the Mistwalker, a Lyn from the Brightstone Village and the first to vanquish the ominous Mark of the Black Rose. Starting his journey as a Summoner, Madun's unparalleled clairvoyant abilities soon caught the attention of the Divine Realm, who blessed him with an exceptional Familiar that rivaled even the Sacred Beasts in power: Uzume. This divine guardian was renowned as a patron of all Familiars in the realm, known to have a soothing presence that could calm even the wildest of beasts with ease.

Following Madun's untimely demise, Uzume was inconsolable and refused to return to her celestial abode, instead choosing to remain by her master's side. Today, Uzume dwells in the cavernous Thornwind Cavern, hidden away from the world. But the nefarious Dark Lord's minions have discovered her whereabouts and are relentlessly pursuing her, laying waste to everything in their path. The air in the surrounding valley is thick with the cloying stench of Dark Chi, and the raging inferno of the enemy's attack has left the land scarred and desolate.

With Uzume in the throes of uncontrollable fury, her burning hatred focused on the one who she believes was responsible for Madun's tragic end, the weighty responsibility of pacifying this formidable Familiar falls on your shoulders. Only by calming her wrath and honoring Master Madun's legacy can you hope to triumph against the Dark Lord's forces and restore peace to the beleaguered Earthen Realm.


Boss Encounters

Voltari — "Guardian Spirit"

Your first encounter is the Guardian Spirit, Voltari, who poisons challengers with Dark Chi and triggers explosions with Windcaps.

Uzume — "Thornwind Guardian"

Uzume is Master Madun’s beloved Familiar who went into a blinding rage focused on the Hongmoon Hero after an attack from the Inner Conclave.


Easy Difficulty Rewards

Normal Difficulty Rewards

Hard Difficulty Rewards


Thornwind Cavern

A Thornwind in the Side

Shock Therapy (Easy)

Shock Therapy (Normal)

Shock Therapy (Hard Mode)


Nature of the Beast

Winds of Change

Pet Project

Gotta Beat ‘Em All

Frequent Flyer

A Thorn in the Paw