Warped Citadel

I have been chosen. I am the rightful heir!

Grandmaster Nayul was consumed by an ever-mounting sense of unease emanating from the depths of the Empyrean Citadel, a disquiet that had plagued him relentlessly since his return to the hallowed monastery. Although Nayul's sightless eyes were incapable of piercing through the shroud of impenetrable darkness, he possessed an unshakable certainty: the malevolent forces of wickedness had once again laid siege upon the citadel.

The tranquil sanctuary, once a bastion of serenity, stood ensnared by the corruptive tendrils of Prince Sobu's nefarious chi. Incited to madness by those who had gravely transgressed against him, the Empyrean Citadel had become a twisted tableau, where the prince's internal inferno had imbued the very fabric of the place with a malefic sorcery. It now existed as a realm of unspeakable horrors, a grotesque manifestation of necromantic arts, where the deceased had been wrenched from eternal slumber and the specters of yore yearned desperately for deliverance from their spectral plight.


Boss Encounters

Kangrim — "Royal Diviner"

Prince Sobu’s Royal Diviner, ‘Kangrim’, was the one to prepare the Divine Mandate Ceremony that ultimately led to the destruction of the Empyrean Citadel. However, his spirit lingered as he continued serving the Prince.

Grimtalon — "Dread Guardian"

A crow, transformed into a Grimtalon by Dark Chi, is now a guardian of the citadel.

Sobu — "Dread Prince"

Sobu, the first prince of the Stratus Empire, was consumed by envy when his younger brother was chosen as the next ruler over him. In his rage, Sobu ordered his advisors to conduct the Divine Mandate Ceremony to prove his worth.


Easy Difficulty Rewards

Normal Difficulty Rewards

Hard Difficulty Rewards


The Dark Heart of the Citadel

Warped Beyond Reason

The Dreaded Prince (Easy)

The Dreaded Prince (Hard)


Dethroning the Prince

Rest in Pieces

Dropping the Hammer

Power Inversion

Nothing to Dread

Goodbye, Not-So-Sweet Prince

Doing the Time Warp