Cold Storage

Winter is here.

In the bastion known as the Cold Storage, Darlang, an investigator of the Blackram, was tasked to unveil the secrets shrouding the Winter Mane. The cache itself seemed impervious to the relentless summer sun, an icy sanctuary veiled in mystery and dread.

Winter Mane, now an embodiment of corrupted chi, was a wretched and malevolent force both to the Blackram and the world at large. The magnificent man he once was had been consumed, leaving behind only a haunting semblance of his former glory. End his life before he becomes a demon, and let Winter Mane rest in peace.


Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Silverfrost Mountains > Zaiwei > Cardinal Gates

Level design

Boss Encounters

Winter Mane — "Twisted Blackram Marauders"

Once a great man and an officer in the Blackram, Winter Mane is a menace to everyone. He's become a twisted version of his former self as his Chi was corrupted by a Black Pillar.

Kaari Lord

Kaari Lord is optional and can only be spawned after using an Ascension Orb.


Completion Rewards

Merchant Shop — Mallang

Merchant Shop — Mollang


In the Dead of Winter

Winter Wrap-Up

Lord it Over


Cold Storage

Chill Out

The Cold Shoulder

Snow Time Like the Present

A Fishy Encounter

Beating the Bottomfeeder

Croaking the Catfish