Cathedra Cliffs

Death comes from above.


Boss Encounters

Tanunga — "Steelfeather Champion"

With wings of pure gold and a mighty mace gleaming in gold, Tanunga stands as the ultimate sentinel, fiercely guarding the path to the Skyshrine.

Ayanka — "Storm Speaker"

Ayanka, the tyrannical warlord of the Avamar, wields the divine fury of lightning. With a single gesture, she transforms the arena into a cataclysmic eruption, while her spear dances with electrifying strikes, thrusts, and majestic arcs. Originating from unknown lands, the Avamar tribe descends like avian specters from celestial heights, deterring all earthly beings who dare aspire to touch the heavens.


Easy Difficulty Rewards

Normal Difficulty Rewards

Hard Difficulty Rewards


The Stolen Stone

Waiting in the Wings

The Avamar Incursion

Ayanka's Swansong (Easy)

Ayanka's Swansong (Normal)

Ayanka's Swansong (Hard)


Cage the Rage

Bird Brained

Not So Freebird

Birds and the Breeze

1,000 Birds with One Stone

Taking Wings