Forest of Echoes

Oh, it must be hard seeing the people you failed.

Despite Guardian Maiden Songmi's status as the grandest protector of the domain, her aeons-long efforts to maintain peace among the core citizens, and her sole guardianship of the Starbridge, the people of Savan found themselves in a dire predicament. Led by the charismatic Laofu, the people of the Divine Realm were forced to consider an option that was once unthinkable: admitting a mortal into their midst.

The danger was all too real, as great darkness had taken root in the woods, its malevolent energy seeping out and infecting the Divine Realm. Even with Songmi's protection, the villagers were powerless against this unprecedented threat. Madness was spreading like wildfire, claiming both people and creatures alike. The very fabric of reality seemed to be twisting with hysteria, and even Songmi could feel the edges of her psyche being consumed by the madness.

As if things couldn't get any worse, a member of the Dark Lord's Inner Conclave, Kumi, had somehow broken into the Divine Realm, bending the rules of reality to her will. With her arrival, Songmi realized that she could no longer rely on divine intervention from above. She had no choice but to turn to a mortal from below for help.



Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Divine Realm > Savan Village

Boss Encounters


This demonic spider wields an unholy power over the deranged arachnids. Spinning a labyrinth of thick, suffocating webs, it aims to ensnare and obstruct all who dare venture through its haunted domain.


With its vibrant blue wings spreading wide, Maleai, the mystical harpy, uses equally vibrant lotuses. These enchanting blossoms possess a mesmerizing ability to lull unsuspecting souls into a deep slumber.

Kumi — "Great Deceiver"

Within the Dark Lord's Inner Conclave dwells the enigmatic Kumi, known as The Great Deceiver. With unmatched mastery over illusions and deceit, this cunning Kitsune employs every resource at her disposal to thwart your endeavors, relentlessly sowing seeds of darkness in her wake.


Easy Difficulty Rewards

Forest of Echoes does not grant rewards upon completion.

Normal Difficulty Rewards

Forest of Echoes does not grant rewards upon completion.

Hard Difficulty Rewards

Forest of Echoes does not grant rewards upon completion.


The Forest of Echoes

Walking Nightmare

Dark Divinity (Easy/Normal/Hard)


Out of the Woods

Nine Tails, Ten Victories

Crashing Fire Fox

Riot and Exorcise

Endless Echoes

Outfoxing the Fox

Rude Awakening