Outlaw Island

What a nice family reunion!

Imagine the thrill of being bestowed the title of Master Marauder—a title to be whispered with awe for ages to come! For weeks, the infamous Blackram Marauders have scoured the Realm, seeking the most skilled and fearless fighters to compete in their legendary Battle Royale. To your delight, you have been singled out and summoned by the illustrious Admiral Hae Mujin himself—a true testament to your mettle.

After enduring a grueling gauntlet of trials and tribulations in the preliminaries, you emerge triumphant, standing tall among the elite few chosen to proceed to the grand tournament on Outlaw Island. Here, amidst the salty sea air, the most formidable foes from far and wide will vie for ultimate glory and riches, making for an adrenaline-fueled spectacle like no other.

Whether facing off against old foes or new adversaries, every moment will be fraught with danger and excitement as you battle your way towards the coveted crown of Master Marauder.

Boss Encounters

Bomani — "Underdog"

I've waited a long time for this.

Maksun — "Kingfish"

Naksun told me all about you...

Slashimi — "Master Ray"

Remember me, landling?

Juna — "Blackram Marauder"

Oh, I have been waiting a long time for this rematch.

Yeoharan — "Mewtineers Captain"

C'mon, Poh-Poh! Don't you remember me?

Resurged Yeoharan — "Mewtineers Captain"

C'mon, Poh-Poh! Don't you remember me?


Merchant Shop — Kangcha

Completion Rewards


Blackram Battle Royale

Mastering the Marauders

Yeoharan's Resurgence


Hook, Line, and Sinker

Walk the Plank


Sister Disser

Animal Control

Family Disunion

Yeo Ho No!


Party Crasher