Outlaw Island

What a nice family reunion!

  • Alternative title: Yeo / 무법자의 섬

How does it sound to be crowned the Master Marauder?

For the past few weeks, the Blackram Marauders have been scoping out the best fighters in the Realm for the Blackram Battle Royale, and you've been invited by Admiral Hae Mujin himself! After being tested in the preliminaries, all the challengers are to come to Outlaw Island for the tournament where old and new foes fight on their quest to win it all.

Boss Encounters

Underdog Bomani

  • Health Points: 38,500,000

  • Condition Bars: 1x

  • Enrage Timer: 03:00

I've waited a long time for this.

Kingfish Maksun

  • Health Points: 70,100,000

  • Condition Bars: 1x

  • Enrage Timer: 04:00

Naksun told me all about you...

Master Ray Slashimi

  • Health Points: 167,000,000

  • Condition Bars: 1x

  • Enrage Timer: 06:00

Remember me, landling?

Blackram Marauder Juna

  • Health Points: 96,1000,000

  • Condition Bars: 1x

  • Enrage Timer: 03:00

Oh, I have been waiting a long time for this rematch.

Mewtineers Captain Yeoharan

  • Health Points: 193,000,000

  • Condition Bars: 1x

  • Enrage Timer: 07:00

C'mon, Poh-Poh! Don't you remember me?

Mewtineers Captain Resurged Yeoharan

  • Health Points: 431,000,000

  • Condition Bars: 1x

  • Enrage Timer: 07:00

C'mon, Poh-Poh! Don't you remember me?



Bullet Time

  • Acquired from Outlaw Island

Bullet Time Hat

  • Acquired from Outlaw Island

Outlaw Cat

  • Bind on Equip

Outlaw Cat Hat

  • Bind on Equip


Subjugator Bracelet - Stage 1

  • Acquired from Merchant Kangcha

Yeoharan Gloves

  • Evolution Material

Navigator Belt

  • Evolution Material

Soul Shield - Yeoharan's Oath

Yeoharan Soul Shield


  • Attack Power +10


  • Critical Damage +15%


  • Piercing +330 and HP +3,000


Divine Grace Stone

  • Soul Badge Evolution

Mewtineer's Coin/Mewtineer's Coin Piece

  • Exchanges at Merchant Kangcha

Hidden Promises Treasure Chest

  • Contains items

Outlaw Treasure Chest

  • Contains items

Yeoharan's Psyche

  • Used to Augment a Weapon that is Legendary grade or higher.


Blackram Battle Royale

  • Money: 0,26g

  • XP: 3250

Mastering the Marauders

  • Money: 4,35g

  • XP: 18,500

  • Reputation: 2700


Hook, Line, and Sinker

  • Attack Slashimi with a Speargun 1,000 times


  • Defeat Saltwhiskers, Kitty Cutlass, and Captain Clawson of the Mewtineers 100 times

Party Crasher

  • Defeat Yeoharan within 2 min. 30 sec.

Walk the Plank

  • Defeat Yeoharan

  • Title: Master Marauder


  • Defeat Yeoharan

Sister Disser

  • Defeat Yeoharan 10 times

Animal Control

  • Defeat Yeoharan 100 times

Family Disunion

  • Defeat Yeoharan 300 times

Yeo Ho No!

  • Defeat Yeoharan 1,000 times