The world of Blade & Soul boasts an array of 15 playable classes, a remarkable increase from the original 7 available at its launch. Each class can be enjoyed only by select races, adding depth and richness to the player's experience. These classes are carefully crafted with unique playstyles, abilities, and roles in combat scenarios. As you journey through Blade & Soul, you'll encounter an array of foes and challenges, each requiring a different approach.



Blade Dancer

Blade Master


Dual Blade

Force Master


Kung Fu Master


Soul Fighter




Zen Archer

Class Specializations

Each class offers a diverse range of three specializations, each boasting distinct skills and playstyles. Furthermore, these specializations come with their own unique talents, granting you the ability to tailor your character according to your personal preferences. Please refer to each individual class page for details on the available specializations for your class. Note that a few of the "third specializations" have not yet been released in the game.


Crowd Controls

Crowd control refers to a state in which an enemy loses control of their character, rendering them unable to perform any actions. The two most commonly used crowd controls are stun and knockdown. While the conditions for inflicting crowd controls may vary, all classes have the ability to inflict them. Furthermore, certain classes have unique crowd control abilities that can only be inflicted by them, like restraints, pulls, and freezes.

In group content, coordination is crucial. Players can combine crowd control abilities, creating a joint technique. This will fill the bars under the boss's health bar. When a character executes a joint technique, it fills the corresponding bar with a specific color: blue for stun, and green for knockdown. You might also see red, which indicates daze.


Current and past Demonsbane bosses have a Breaker bar, visible below the boss' HP bar. By using specific skills, players can gradually fill up a boss' Break. Some specializations contribute more to the Breaker stat than others, and on top of that, some bosses are more resilient to Break than others.

Once a boss has been afflicted with Breaker, the boss will for a specific amount of time receive increased damage. Do however keep in mind that the Breaker duration varies significantly from boss to boss. If a boss has a short Breaker duration, it typically means that the boss also receives significant damage. On the contrary, if a boss has a long Breaker duration, the boss receives less significant damage.

Martial Tome

The Martial Tome (K) serves as a repository for your skills and talents. Within its pages, you can bolster specific abilities, augmenting their potency by using Skill Enhancement Points. In order to unlock the talent system, two conditions must be met: reaching level 60 - HM7 and undertaking the Awakening quest, known as Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan. Upon completion, every class gains the ability to choose from various specializations, with each specialization offering a selection of five distinct talents. These talents, numbering a total of 15 per specialization, bestow altered functionalities upon specific abilities, providing diverse options for customization and gameplay enhancement.

Revisions to the Martial Tome

Skill Trees: January 2016 — April 2017

The skill tree system was the first implemented into the game, and as the name implies, each skill could be enhanced by selecting different routes.

While it was the game's first skill system, it also provided the highest level of customization. As you progressed and acquired more knowledge, you gained the ability to tailor your skills. Additionally, each level up granted a skill point that could be allocated to enhance your abilities. The skill tree, found in your Martial Tome, presented a range of options for each skill, enabling you to increase its potency or specialize it in various ways.

Skill Moves: April 2017 — March 2019

With the April 2017 update, the skill system underwent a significant overhaul, resulting in a more polished and user-friendly experience. Skill trees and skill points were completely eliminated, making way for a streamlined and intuitive approach. Instead, six distinct Elements were introduced: Flame, Wind, Lightning, Shadow, Frost, and Earth. Each class was restricted to wielding only two of these Elements.

Once players selected their preferred Element, a range of options became available for customizing their skills. For example, as a Blade Master, you were presented with a choice between two paths: the Flame build or the Lightning build. This choice determined the set of unlocked skills at your disposal. Additionally, to further enhance your selected skills, corresponding Moves could be chosen, enabling you to optimize your character's capabilities.

Class Specializations: March 2019 — Present

In March 2019, the Awakening update was released, where each class can select between two or three Specializations. The class specializations replaced the previous six Elements.

In each Specialization, a total of 15 different Talents are available, where you select one Talent per row. Each Talent can enable new skills or alter the functionality of some skills.

The new Specializations bear some resemblance to the old class elements, such as the similarity between the new Scourge Warlock and its predecessor, the Shadow Warlock.