Frostscale Basin

Many warriors have tried to stop these rituals. All have failed.

In the frigid heart of the Silverfrost Mountains, the Frostscale Basin slumbers, a realm of pristine ice and eternal winter. Once a verdant paradise, where flowers bloomed vibrantly and trees swayed gracefully under the sun's embrace, the valley has fallen under an ominous shadow.

Balrok, the sacred beast of the mountains, once safeguarded the Frostscale Basin alongside the Serpent Queen. But a darkness seeped into the land, corrupting the once pristine beauty, turning Balrok feral and plunging the valley into an icy abyss.

The Jomu Tribe, driven by an insatiable thirst for power, laid claim to the corrupted Frostscale Basin. Together with the Chuanka, they sought to revive the legendary Serpent Queen, their rituals accompanied by the agonizing screams of sacrificed humans, their blood staining the snow-covered ground, a testament to their barbaric cruelty. The valley, once a symbol of life and beauty, has become a macabre stage for a twisted revival, its silence punctuated only by the echoes of suffering and the chilling whispers of an impending doom.


Outlook of the environment

Location of the area

Silverfrost Mountains > Shiverstone Range > Frostscale Basin

Level design

Boss Encounters

Doyen Chunky — "Jomu Tribe"

The Altar of Essence keeper. He looks after the altar where the essence extracted from humans is put into the jar.

Chief Barakan — "Jomu Tribe"

The Great Chief of the Jomu Tribe. The Serpent Queen was the treasured Queen Mother of the Jomu Tribe. After losing the Queen Mother, he did everything he could to resurrect her.

Chuchu — "Chuanka"

This Chuanka Witch Doctor taught the Jomu Tribe how to resurrect the Serpent Queen. His real goal is to resurrect the Serpent Queen and steal the power of her venom.


A sacred beast of the Silverfrost Mountains. When Frostscale Basin was covered with flowers and trees, this sacred beast protected the valley with the Serpent Queen. After Frostscale Basin became tainted, Balrok also became tainted and turned violent.

Dark Balrok

It is a sacred beast of the Silverfrost Mountains just like Balrok, but it is an evil beast that brings disaster. It is known to bring heavy snowfall, severe cold, and avalanches.


Completion Rewards

Merchant ShopFeraolfu


Quest Letters cannot be found for Frostscale Basin.

Notice: Recruiting Monster Hunters

Shifting Beneath The Snow

Slavery in the North

Two Tribes, Three Chiefs

Balrok Butcher


Frostscale Basin

Death from Above

You Shall Not Pass

Snake Handler