Sanguine Abyss

You will lose yourself in your dreams.

Yunwa, having vanquished the Inheritors, felt a creeping sense of unease. The warrior who had fought by her side collapsed to their knees, gasping as if burdened by a crushing weight. Their eyes clouded with a terrifying darkness, and they lurched forward, their fierce and lifeless eyes locked onto her. Beaten, bruised, and bloodied, Yunwa barely survived the warrior's assault.

Scared that you will lose control once more, Yunwa asked you to take a break and ask Dahmik, an incantor hailing from the renowned Inyang family, for help. Dahmik has a special gift for the enigmatic forces, and upon meeting you, he quickly detected a hidden evil. Your being was infested by Chaos, and it seemed to be the insidious work of a Night Spirit—a parasitic entity, feeding insatiably upon the very essence of Chaos, much like a mosquito sating its thirst for blood. Some sinister puppeteer has tampered with you, leaving you vulnerable to malicious influences.

Dahmik cannot help you banish the Night Spirit, but he can help lead you to it. For generations, the Inyang family have stood watch over the Sanguine Abyss, a realm where dreams bleed into reality. Within, a crimson moon hangs low in the ominous sky, where the monstrous Night Spirit spins its nightmarish webs and drains the life from its victims. Hunt down the fiend in the abyss, empowered by the Chaos coursing through your veins, before the master of nightmares consumes you whole.

Change in Demonsbane Stages

In Sanguine Abyss, the number of Demonsbane Stages has been reduced to just 7, compared to the 20 stages in the previous dungeons. Please refer to the table for a comparison of the stages.



Blade & Soul Sanguine Abyss Dungeon - Entrance

Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Northern Continent > Eastern Expanse > Inyang Shrine
Blade & Soul Sanguine Abyss Dungeon - World Map Mini Map

Level design

Boss Encounters

Blade & Soul Sanguine Abyss Dungeon - Gammon Boss

Gammon — "Archon of Illusions"

To rid Gammon of its defensive Dreamdread Barriers, you must absorb and transfer the energy of Dream of Despair.

Blade & Soul Sanguine Abyss Dungeon - Ichoron Boss

Ichoron — "Master of Nightmares"

Ichoron fights on two fronts at once, attacking its enemies from the outside and from within the Deep Abyss. Rid Ichoron of its Chaos Shield by striking it with blows infused with Light. Then, as Ichoron's Dark Maelstrom closes in, ward off the terrifying damage by locating the Protection of Light.


Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6

Stage 7


Take Your Medicine

Searching for Sleep

Dahmik's Discontent

A Realm of Dreams and Nightmares


Sanguine Abyss Conqueror

Sanguine Abyss Expert - Stage 1

Sanguine Abyss Expert - Stage 2

Sanguine Abyss Expert - Stage 3

Sanguine Abyss Master - Stage 1

Sanguine Abyss Master - Stage 2

Sanguine Abyss Master - Stage 3

Sanguine Abyss Conqueror - Stage 1

Sanguine Abyss Conqueror - Stage 2

Sanguine Abyss Conqueror - Stage 3

Sanguine Abyss Destroyer - Stage 1

Sanguine Abyss Destroyer - Stage 2

Sanguine Abyss Destroyer - Stage 3

Suffers from Nightmares