Tomb of the Exiles

The legends whispered of the Verdant Lord, a divine beast that once roamed these fertile lands in an age when greenery flourished. It stood as a stalwart guardian against the invading demons from the Dark Realm. Yet, the ferocity of the battle left the Verdant Lord corrupted. To safeguard the world from its wrath, it chose self-imprisonment within the solemn confines of a tomb, where its once verdant presence transfigured into a blazing entity of fire, now known as the Infernal Lord.

Among those who dared to venture into the depths of the ancient sepulcher were Yonkai deserters, enticed by the allure of rumored treasures hidden within. Their reckless pursuit led them past the deranged soldiers of the Bokgon Brotherhood who too sought the hidden riches. But once skeletal warriors rose from the very ground to bar their path, chaos ensued. Only one of the Yonkai deserters managed to flee, his spirit shattered by the harrowing ordeal, leaving behind comrades lost to the abyss. 

With a heavy heart, the distraught deserter implores you to brave the fiery depths to find and rescue his friends before it's too late. But to reach them, you'll first have to defy the soldiers of the Brotherhood and slay the towering colossus engulfed in infernal flames, where the walls themselves weep scorching tears of scolding magma.



Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Cinderlands > Razorwing Ravine > Tomb of the Exiles

Level design

Boss Encounters

Underboss Bi Chunhan — "Bokgon Brotherhood"

This formidable Force Master, a treasure hunter with a vendetta against Yonkai, awaits. Vanquish him with haste, lest you be encased in his icy Frost Prison.

Underboss Shin Mugang — "Bokgon Brotherhood"

A Destroyer of the Bokgon Brotherhood.

Infernal Lord

A holy beast sealed inside the Tomb of the Exiles. It once guarded the Cinderlands, but transformed after succumbing to Dark Chi.


Common Rewards

Easy Difficulty Rewards

Normal Difficulty Rewards

Hard Difficulty Rewards



Into the Tomb

An Infernal Curse — Completion


Tomb of the Exiles

It's Getting Hot in Here

The Floor Is Hot Lava

Once More Into the Pit

Burning Down the House

Strength in Solitude

Four of a Kind