Skybreak Spire

Feel the power of the Dark Realm!

Lusung jolted awake, his body seized by an icy grip that left him trembling in the pitch-black abyss. Memories of his old home in the Sandstone Village flooded his mind, a bittersweet reminder of what he had lost. His escape from the village had led him to a fate far worse than death, captured by Yonkai and his band of fiends and broken down with unspeakable torture before being left to rot in a forsaken cavern buried deep beneath the sweltering sands of the Cinderlands.

Hatred had become his sole motivation for survival. With his family gone, Lusung had nothing left but the all-consuming darkness that crept into his soul, mocking and cajoling him with its sibilant whispers. "Power is the only remedy for injustice," it coaxed him repeatedly. Lusung knew deep down that the darkness held the very thing he craved most—the power to avenge himself against those who had wronged him. And so he surrendered to it, despite it bringing him to the brink of death.

Strangled and broken by the embrace of the Dark Realm, Lusung traveled into the abyss of the island of Khanda Vihar, once a hallowed haven for the Naryu but now reduced to a rubble-strewn wasteland by the depraved machinations of the Ebondrake. At the heart of the island lay the Skybreak Spire, an ancient and sacred fortress of the Naryu, where the Raven King and Lusung awaited. Together, they were building a coalition of darkness, intent on obliterating all that was good and pure in the world.

Face a phalanx of powerful guardians within the Spire, each more formidable than the last, before finally confronting Lusung himself, the treacherous former clan mate who betrayed the Hongmoon School.

Difficulty Adjustments

August 16, 2017 Dark Origins


Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Khanda Vihar > Skybreak Spire Entrance

Level design

Boss Encounters

Venomsky Drake — "Twisted Sinsu"

Venomsky Drake, once known as a sacred animal and venerated guardian of the Khanda. The wicked Ebondrake cultists wielded their nefarious Dark Chi, brazenly flouting the laws of nature to ensnare this powerful creature. Venomsky Drake now stands opposed to all it had sworn to safeguard.

Bak Taisun — "Nightfall Imperator"

The Nightfall Imperators, originally of righteous hearts and referred to as the Four Stars, were guardians of the Naryu. Having fought until the very end, they inevitably fell prey to the Ebondrake and became soaked with endless despair.

General Moyun; General Shuna

Shuna and Moyun, peerless war machines that could decimate an army in a single sweep. As the Naryu empire breathed its last, these marvels of engineering were ensconced within the Skybreak Spire, lest they fall into malevolent hands. Yet, the sinister Ebondrake have since taken control, reducing these once-glorious Generals to mere puppets in their game of domination.

The Raven King

The Raven King, a lieutenant of the Dark Lord, reigns with the power acquired by possessing Lusung's soul. The fate of the entire Realm teeters on a precipice as your former Hongmoon comrade, now consumed by a thirst for vengeance, plots to unleash his wrath upon all who stand in his path.


Completion Rewards

Merchant Shop — Wei Ido


Khanda Vihar

Dark Revival

Military Intervention

Raven's Cry

Blood and Venom

The Furious Imperator

General Disarray

The Raven King


Dungeon and Dragon

Drake's Misfortune

Keeper's Vigilante

Forever Vigilant

Bak Off

Bak at It

Bak in Black

Bak Taisun's Punch Out

Riven and Torn

Dishonorable Discharge

General Mayhem

Riven Insane

Making the Raven Craven

No Haven for the Raven King

Rant and Raven

Stark Raven Mad

Down with the King