The Steelbreaker

Your techniques are obsolete.

  • Alternative titles: Iron Ark / Frozen Ark / IA / 철의 λ°©μ£Ό

With the Silversteel having been driven into the shadows of the mountains, the Talus remains searching vigorously for the remaining members of the mysterious group. While the Talus did find a giant underground loading bay, another concern has just been discovered when the Nameless managed to both find and convince a Silversteel member to show a glimpse of the dangerous group's plan in the form of a mysterious blueprint. According to a Senior Researcher, the blueprint holds a design for a sailing vessel said to sail above the water, beneath the waves, and to be large enough to carry an entire army.

After a long wait, their final and ultimate weapon, the Steelbreaker, crashed through the ice-riddled mountains bringing an uncontrollable snowstorm with it. With might the likes of which the Realm has never seen, the massive Steelbreaker mech is ready to change the face of war.


Difficulty Adjustments

December 15, 2020 β€” Grim Tidings

  • Common

    • Lowered the damage of some DoT effects.

  • REV-A, DEV-A

    • Three stacks of Enhanced Attack Power will no longer inflict Instant Death.

    • Some attacks have been changed from Instant Death to deal damage instead.


    • Targets interacting with Polarity effects will no longer inflict knockback or daze.

    • Some attacks have been changed from Instant Death to deal damage instead.

  • TPK 5000

    • Silver Butcher will now receive a Shield effect upon reaching 50% HP.

    • Tracking target will receive reduced damage.

June 24, 2020 β€” Divine Break

  • Lowered REV-A DEV-A's average AP.

  • Lowered TPK 5000's average AP.

  • Lowered the HP of TPK 5000's legs / reduced the AoE skill duration.

  • Lowered the HP / average AP of TPK 5000's subordinates.

  • Lowered Zinji and Hyon's HP and average AP.

  • Some of the NPC's skill damage and the value of some effects have been lowered.


View of the location in the game environment.

Location on the World Map.

Silverfrost Mountains > Silversteel Base Camp

Layout as seen from the World Map.

Boss Encounters


  • Health Points (REV-A): 5,820,000,000

  • Health Points (DEV-A): 6,020,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x4

  • Enrage Timer: ∞

REV-A and DEV-A are normally in charge of maintenance and construction in the Silversteel's loading bay. They're separated by a lethal, electric river.

At certain HP intervals, each boss will start moving to the next zone within their respective lanes. Once moved, they'll throw a container to the other boss' lane, exploding on impact. While the container is being thrown, the parties should step on a jumping pad to get thrown across the electric river to the other parties' side.

If it's a red container, all party members on that lane will take high damage. If it's a green container, it'll add a buff enhancing your attacks: however, too many of the buff can cause instant death. It's also important to collect green pools if it's a green container that exploded as well as succeeding your joint techniques after a container has exploded to avoid unnecessary damage.


  • Health Points: 49,400,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x4

  • Enrage Timer: 12 min.

Normally a pair of advanced automatons in charge of maintenance and construction, REV-A DEV-A can fuse into a mechanized titan with merciless efficiency.

Each player will be assigned one of two effects: Blue Polarity and Red Polarity. Once the mechanics have started, a Power Borer will be dropped that explodes in an instant death attack if not damaged. To damage it, the players can either push Saw Blades using their polarity effects into the Power Borer. Players can also use the Cathodic Piece/Anodic Piece to complete the mechanics. To do so, the Cathodic Piece/Anodic Piece should be positioned on the opposite side of the Saw Blades behind the Power Borer. As such, when the Cathodic Piece/Anodic Piece creates a Magnetic Storm, it will pull the Saw Blades toward it, hitting the Power Borer on their way.

Surveillance Sentinel

  • Health Points: 7,860,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x4

  • Enrage Timer: ∞

The Surveillance Sentinel powers up and rolls out when it senses intruders.

Becoming immune to damage once it rolls out, players must use their joint techniques once the condition bars are open. After several successful joint techniques, the rollouts will be stopped and the party can continue damaging the boss as normal.

TPK 5000

  • Health Points (TPK 5000): 31,600,000,000

  • Health Points (TPK Leg): 175,0000,000

  • Health Points (TPK Leg): 175,0000,000

  • Health Points (TPK Leg): 175,0000,000

  • Enrage Timer: 11 min.

TPK 5000, the Transformative Power Kontroller, is designed for unparalleled vigilance. Defeat this enormous automaton for the slim chance of rendering the Steelbreaker's central power supply immobile.

Completing the mechanics require careful coordination from the party. Begin the fight by breaking the Maintenance Drones and hiding behind it before TPK 5000 scans the room. The scan, a Visitor Detection function, will eliminate all living organisms found. After the scan, groups of three should be attacking one of the boss' four Legs to break them down.

In the midst of attacking the Legs, subordinates and engineers will spawn frequently. These should be defeated as quickly as possible with bursts of damage and joint techniques, as they can otherwise start repairing the malfunctioning Maintenance Drones that save you from the TPK 5000 continuous scans.

Once Legs are defeated, the Legs receive a Shield effect and the boss spews green energy pools. Designated players should collect the green energy. The boss also summons the aid of Grand Overseers that should be quickly defeated, as well as Steel Butchers carrying a Saw Blade. Steel Butchers should not be killed as they can be directed to dash into a Leg to remove the Leg's Shield, while their dropped Saw Blade together with the energy from the green pools can be used to break the Leg down. Once all Legs are broken, you can climb one of the three Legs to access its head and dish out severe damage for a short time.


  • Health Points: 4,260,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x4

  • Enrage Timer: 1 min. 40 sec.

The Artilletron, a Silversteel Sentinel, drains power from those trying to reach the Silversteel leaders Zinji and Hyon.


  • Health Points: 32,000,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x4

  • Enrage Timer: 11 min.

The stern of the Steelbreaker, a chamber with its own power source, is where the siblings Hyon and Zinji await. Rumor suggests Hyon can manipulate the chamber's energy with his chi, allowing him to create temporary barriers and force fields. Find the siblings, now controlling a custom automaton with a blade forged in the depths of the ark, and put an end to the Silversteel.


Completion Rewards

  • Gear Shift

  • Gear Shift Headpiece

  • Kingslayer

  • Kingslayer Headpiece

  • Kingslayer Adornment

  • Steel Oath Soul Shield

  • Silversteel Ring Chest - Stage 1

  • Silversteel Earring Chest - Stage 1

  • Mech Heart

  • Transmitter

  • Silver Sheath

  • Steel Array

  • Silversteel Ore

  • Wonder Ascension Stone Chest

  • Silversteel Amulet Chest

  • Elder Scale

NPC Rewards β€” Merchant Ye Jonsul

  • 10-Silversteel Anima Bundle

  • Special Silversteel Amulet Chest (Superior)

  • Special Silversteel Amulet Chest (Heroic)

  • Special Silversteel Amulet Chest (Legendary)

  • Special Silversteel Amulet Chest (Mythical)

  • Steelbreaker Soul Shield - Chest 1

  • Steelbreaker Soul Shield - Chest 2

  • Steelbreaker Soul Shield - Chest 3

  • Steelbreaker Soul Shield - Chest 4

  • Steelbreaker Soul Shield - Chest 5

  • Steelbreaker Soul Shield - Chest 6

  • Steelbreaker Soul Shield - Chest 7

  • Steelbreaker Soul Shield - Chest 8

  • Steelbreaker Critical Soul Shield Primer

  • Steelbreaker Accuracy Soul Shield Primer

  • Steelbreaker Block Soul Shield Primer

  • Steelbreaker Evasion Soul Shield Primer

  • Steelbreaker Piercing Soul Shield Primer

  • Steelbreaker Defense Soul Shield Primer

  • Steelbreaker Reflex Soul Shield Primer

  • Gear Shift Outfit Chest

  • Dreadcat Outfit Chest

  • Silversteel Amulet (x9 Legendary)

  • Silversteel Amulet (x9 Mythical)


Rise of the Silversteel

  • Requirement: Chapter 5

Spark of Life

  • XP: 16,800

  • Reputation: 11,260

Joint Forces

  • Money: 27g 70s

  • XP: 296,000

  • Reputation: 11,830

Virtual Insanity

  • Money: 29g

  • XP: 310,000

  • Reputation: 12,440

Breaking Steel

  • Money: 37g 3s

  • XP: 394,000

  • Reputation: 13,000

Shock and Roll

  • x1 REV-A DEV-A's Treasure

Hacking the System

  • x1 TPK 5000's Treasure

Cold as Steel

  • Silversteel Treasure

  • Silversteel Anima (2x)


Double Trouble

  • Defeat REV-A DEV-A

Rage Against the Machines

  • Defeat REV-A DEV-A 10 times

Twin Steel

  • Defeat REV-A DEV-A 50 times

All Systems Down

  • Defeat REV-A DEV-A 100 times


  • Defeat TPK 5000

Critical Error

  • Defeat TPK 5000 10 times

Power Down

  • Defeat TPK 5000 50 times

Hard Reset

  • Defeat TPK 5000 100 times

Broken Steel

  • Defeat Kingslayer

Big Brother is Watching You

  • Defeat Kingslayer 10 times

Sibling Rivalry

  • Defeat Kingslayer 50 times

Unpopular Mechanics

  • Defeat Kingslayer 100 times


  • Defeat Kingslayer within 9 min. 40 sec.

  • Title: Wirecutter