The Steelbreaker

Your techniques are obsolete.

The Silversteel, relentlessly pursued by the Talus soldiers, had fled deep into the shadows of the craggy mountains. The soldiers combed the rugged terrain with unwavering determination, searching for any remaining members of the elusive group.

However, the Talus' latest discovery brought forth new concerns rather than relief. It was a harbinger of trouble, for the Nameless had successfully infiltrated the Silversteel's inner circle and convinced a member to divulge a tantalizing glimpse of the Silversteel's grand design.

With bated breath, the Talus soldiers were presented with a mysterious blueprint unveiling a revolutionary sailing vessel capable of carrying an entire army while effortlessly navigating above the water's surface and plunging beneath the waves. As the Talus researchers studied the intricate design, a sense of dread descended upon the troops. They realized that their enemies now possessed a fearsome new tool of war.

Just as the Talus soldiers grappled with this disconcerting revelation, a deafening roar shattered the frigid air, shaking the very foundations of the mountains. From the depths of the ocean, the Steelbreaker, the Silversteel's ultimate weapon, had finally ascended. Tearing through the icy peaks with a force so terrifying that it sent snow and debris flying in all directions, the colossal form of the Steelbreaker dominated the mountain landscape, embodying a level of might unparalleled in the Realm.


Difficulty Adjustments

December 15, 2020 Grim Tidings

June 24, 2020 Divine Break


Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Silverfrost Mountains > Silversteel Base Camp

Level design

Boss Encounters


In the hub of Silversteel's loading bay, REV-A and DEV-A are responsible for maintenance and construction duties. The chasm that divides them, an electrified river pulsing with deadly power, adds an air of danger to their already imposing presence.

REV-A DEV-A — "Splicer and Dicer"

In their usual duties as expert automatons responsible for maintenance and construction, REV-A and DEV-A are an impressive duo. However, when they combine, they become an awe-inspiring mechanized colossus of unparalleled strength and deadly precision. Their fusion is a symphony of steel and circuitry, a technological wonder that can lay waste to anything in its path.

Surveillance Sentinel — "First Mech"

The Surveillance Sentinel powers up and rolls out when it senses intruders.

TPK 5000 — "Silversteel Automated Assistant"

The TPK 5000, or the Transformative Power Kontroller, boasts a remarkable level of surveillance capability. With three robust legs standing sentinel around its sole vulnerable point - the watchful eye, it is a formidable force to reckon with. Its Visitor Detection feature, a sweeping scan, guarantees the annihilation of any living being detected. Defeating this behemoth may hold the key to disabling the Steelbreaker's central power source.


The Artilletron, a Silversteel Sentinel, drains power from those trying to reach the Silversteel leaders Zinji and Hyon.

Kingslayer — "Zinji's Mech"

Amidst the mighty Steelbreaker, lies the formidable chamber that powers it, guarded by the siblings Hyon and Zinji. Hyon wields the power of chi to shape the chamber's energy, summoning impregnable shields and force fields. These skilled warriors now command a bespoke automaton, wielding a fearsome blade crafted from the depths of the ark.


Completion Rewards

Merchant Shop — Ye Jonsul



Spark of Life

Joint Forces

Virtual Insanity

Breaking Steel

Shock and Roll

Hacking the System

Cold as Steel


Double Trouble

Rage Against the Machines

Twin Steel

All Systems Down


Critical Error

Power Down

Hard Reset

Broken Steel

Big Brother is Watching You

Sibling Rivalry

Unpopular Mechanics