Bloodshade Harbor

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The Blackram Marauders, a fearsome armada of pirates, dominate the vast oceans with their red sails casting jagged shadows on the horizon. Originally a ragtag crew of petty thieves, the Blackram rallied under the leadership of Admiral Chul Mugo, who ascended to power during the decline of the Stratus Empire. Mugo's flagship, the Black Ram, became synonymous with this menacing maritime faction.

Starting as mere pillagers of merchant vessels and coastal villages, the Blackram swiftly escalated their operations to encompass espionage, smuggling, and the abhorrent trade of slavery. To compound their influence, they formed uneasy alliances with various land-based bandit groups, further extending their grasp over the region. Gradually, the Blackram's fleet transformed from a loose band of pirates into a disciplined military organization.

The most dreaded faction within the Blackram was the East Fleet, commanded by the infamous Admiral Hae Mujin. A master tactician and formidable warrior, Mujin cherished his granddaughter, Poharan, above all else. Alas, when the Blackram Supply Chain, the beating heart of the East Fleet, came under attack, Poharan was defeated.

Mujin, now consumed by rage, has set out for blood. Enter the Bloodshade Harbor, Mujin's base of operations, to dismantle the Blackram's criminal organization on their own turf, before engaging in a brutal fight with the Admiral himself.



Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Moonwater Plains > Blackram East Fleet > Blackram Shipyard

Level design

Boss Encounters

Venomous Thrasher — "Captive"

Filled to the gills with corrosive acid, this gravity-defying thrasher needs to be brought back down to earth.

Munitions Officer Blood Mane — "Blackram Marauder"

Keep Blood Mane from getting ahold of his mechanical creations, or you’ll find yourself in a front row seat to your own demise.

Cobalt Widow; Scarlet Widow — "Blackram Marauder"

These twin sisters are intrinsically linked, and neither one can be defeated on their own. Approach both with equal consideration or you’ll be left seeing double.

Admiral Hae Mujin — "Blackram Marauder"

The grizzled and respected Admiral of the East Fleet. With an array of Kung Fu Master combos, and the darkness of his very own shadow, Hae Mujin seeks to avenge his granddaughter.


Merchant Shop — Jin Gyoli

Common Rewards

Easy Difficulty Rewards

Normal Difficulty Rewards

Hard Difficulty Rewards


Invitation from Poharan

Reunion at Bloodshade Harbor

More Blood in the Water

Do What You Want, 'Cause A Pirate Is Free


Bloodshade Harbor

Crushing the Pirate King

Scattering the Seadogs

Dismantling the Marauders

Who You Gonna Call?