Scion's Keep

Only a fool would attack an army.

The Iron Army surged through Gunwon City, leaving destruction in its wake. With each conquest, the Iron Conqueror tightened its grip on power, bolstered by the spoils from the captured Irontech Forge. The Talus Empire faced an imminent storm of war, threatening unprecedented chaos.

Yunma Fei, the determined Talus Empress, had exhausted all diplomatic efforts. Her impassioned pleas for reason and peace fell on deaf ears. Desperate and on the brink, she turned to you, her voice filled with urgency and despair. She begged you to help her, not only as an Empress in need, but as a desperate friend.

The treacherous path to the Iron Conqueror's heart wound through the perilous domain of Scion's Keep. This labyrinthine fortress harbored mechanical threats where each step carried the risk of annihilation. Towering mech-suits patrolled its cavernous chambers with ominous authority, and cunning traps lay in wait to ensnare the unwary.

Deep within a colossal mechanical behemoth, the Iron Conqueror patiently awaited. Their face was concealed by a mask that hid their malevolent intentions. Their heart beat within armor of ice-cold steel, impenetrable and relentless. Driven by unwavering resolve, they embodied unforgiving destruction, an agent of ruin that showed no mercy. With determination and ruthless action, the Iron Conqueror left no stone unturned until the Southern Continent lay in ruins, a barren wasteland in the aftermath of their wrath.


Difficulty Adjustments

April 10, 2019 Legends Reborn

December 5, 2018 Theater of Mystery

May 9, 2018 Eternal Night


Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Gunwon City > Celestial Basin

Level design

Boss Encounters

Gonno — "Pacification Officer"

Ezdis; Olmek

Iron Conqueror — "Scarlet Talus Emperor"

The formidable commander of the dreaded Iron Army, a haughty "emperor" who has asserted his authority with an iron fist. The Iron Conqueror has harnessed the cutting-edge martial innovations of the Realm to metamorphose into a fearsome mechanical behemoth. The frail remnants of his former self are now consumed by the relentless machinery and armaments, rendering him an unfeeling, heartless force of destruction.


Completion Rewards

Merchant Shop — Suh Seyun


Divide and Conquer


Dumping Iron


Iron in the Fire

Keep at Bay

Scion the Prize

Conquering the Conqueror

Way Out