Scion's Keep

Only a fool would attack an army.

  • Alternative titles: Red Emperor / SK / μ„œμžμ˜ μ•ˆμ‹μ²˜

Having already seized the contents of the Irontech Forge, the Iron Army continues to expand through Gunwon City. They're a hostile militia that refuses to negotiate with anyone. Yunma Fei's attempts to find a peaceful resolution have been all but successful and so, she asks for help as not just an Empress, but as a friend.

Given the magnitude of the weapons seized by the Iron Army, it's no surprise they are asking for a fight. The Talus Empire is once more on the precipice of a full-scale war from the Iron Army and their leader, the "Iron Conqueror". Venture inside Scion's Keep and face automatons, mech-suits, and complicated mazes full of traps before finally coming face to face with the leader. Hidden inside a mechanic juggernaut, the mindless Iron Conqueror won't stop his mission until the Southern Continent has been decimated.


Difficulty Adjustments

April 10, 2019 β€” Legends Reborn

  • Failing to chain Destruction Device no longer cause enrage; instead, failure to do so will do damage and increase Boss’s Attack Power.

December 5, 2018 β€” Theater of Mystery

  • The damage from the lightning chain can now be resisted.

  • Having less than 3 players in the lightning chain no longer causes instant death.

  • After defeating Iron Armor, the driver will now receive a 30 second Debuff Immunity.

May 9, 2018 β€” Eternal Night

  • NPCs have had their stats adjusted downward.

  • Iron Conqueror's Rupture now decreases healing by 50% instead of preventing healing.

  • Iron Conqueror no longer inflicts knockback with Sword Force Protection.


Scion's Keep on the World Map, found in Celestial Basin of Gunwon City.
View of the entrance leading to Scion's Keep.

Boss Encounters

Pacification Officer Gonno

  • Health Points: 132,700,000

  • Condition Bars: x4

  • Enrage Timer: 3 min.

An automaton built to maintain peace, Gonno and its Floating Type 08 machines does the opposite.

Ezdis, Olmek

  • Health Points (Ezdis): 82,400,000

  • Health Points (Olmek): 82,400,000

  • Condition Bars: x2

  • Enrage Timer: 3 min.

Type 131 Ezdis and Type 123 Olmek are augmented automatons fighting together.

Scarlet Talus Emperor Iron Conqueror

  • Health Points: 992,000,000

  • Condition Bars: x4

  • Enrage Timer: 13 min. 20 sec.

The leader of the Iron Army and a self-proclaimed "emperor", the Iron Conqueror used the most advanced martial technology in the Realm to transform himself into a mechanic juggernaut. Whatever remains of the person inside has been lost to the merciless gears and weapons.


Completion Rewards

  • Iron Clad

  • Iron Clad Ornament

  • Iron Helmet

  • Iron Kitty

  • Iron Kitty Ornament

  • Iron Kitty Hat

  • Conqueror Illusion Weapon

  • Aransu Oath SoulShield

  • Aransu Mystic Badge

  • Dynasty Mystic Badge

  • Oscillation Mystic Badge

  • Darkstorm Necklace

  • Divine Grace Stone

  • Sealed Divine Grace Stone

  • Scion's Maze Key

  • Hive Queen's Heart

  • Blackstone

NPC Rewards β€” Suh Seyun

  • Darkstorm Necklace Essence

  • Fallen Soul Shield - Chest 1

  • Fallen Soul Shield - Chest 2

  • Fallen Soul Shield - Chest 3

  • Fallen Soul Shield - Chest 4

  • Fallen Soul Shield - Chest 5

  • Fallen Soul Shield - Chest 6

  • Fallen Soul Shield - Chest 7

  • Fallen Soul Shield - Chest 8

  • Aransu Mystic Badge

  • Dynasty Mystic Badge

  • Oscillation Mystic Badge

  • Aransu Critical Soul Shield Primer

  • Aransu Accuracy Soul Shield Primer

  • Aransu Block Soul Shield Primer

  • Aransu Evasion Soul Shield Primer

  • Aransu Piercing Soul Shield Primer

  • Aransu Defense Soul Shield Primer

  • Aransu Reflex Soul Shield Primer

  • Frostburn Weapon Chest

  • Conqueror Illusion Weapon Chest

  • Iron Clad

  • Iron Clad Adornment

  • Iron Helmet

  • Zulia Hair

  • Grand Enchantment

  • Enthralling


Divide and Conquer

  • tbc


  • Money: 23g

  • XP: 262,000

  • Reputation: 11,800

Dumping Iron

  • Iron Conqueror's Treasure


Iron in the Fire

  • Defeat Iron Conqueror

Keep at Bay

  • Defeat Iron Conqueror 10 times

Scion the Prize

  • Defeat Iron Conqueror 50 times

Conquering the Conqueror

  • Defeat Iron Conqueror 100 times

Way Out

  • Disarm the Scion's Keep Maze after escaping it