Temple of Eluvium

This might hurt a little.

Years ago, a fiery Warlock named Sanzu trained under her father, Sun Quan, at the Aransu School. Her journey took a dark turn when Jinsoyun, the brightest apprentice of revered Jiwan, stole the Twilight's Edge and unleashed its devastating power upon the Four Guardians. The aftermath was catastrophic: Jiwan fell, and Mushin and Iksanun suffered from the impurity of Jinsoyun's soul wielding an overwhelmingly powerful weapon. But before Jinsoyun could wreak more havoc, she was vanquished and landed just outside the Aransu School's perimeters.

In a state of anger and confusion, Jinsoyun formed an unholy alliance with the Dark Lord, seeking aid to eliminate anyone who dared stand in her vengeful path. Tragically, Sun Quan, the master of the Aransu School, became one of her first victims. Consumed by grief and unwavering resolve, Sanzu vowed to avenge her father's death and bring Jinsoyun to justice.

Through relentless effort and dedication, Sanzu honed her wrath into a potent force, mastering ancient techniques through grueling training. Over the years, she amassed an impressive reservoir of power, becoming known as Grand Enchantress Sanzu. However, her transformation since adopting the name of the Aransu Clan's progenitor began to corrupt her, taking on a demonic appearance akin to the infamous Zulia.

Seeking solace and refuge, Sanzu fled to the Temple of Eluvium, where the spirits of her fallen comrades resided. Wielding her innate Warlock abilities, she resurrected a host of formidable entities, including the Thralls, Augerites, and the tortured Asura—a being split into twin forms: one forged from raging flames and the other from piercing ice.


Difficulty Adjustments

June 22, 2020 Divine Break

April 10, 2019 Legends Reborn

December 5, 2018 Theater of Mystery

May 9, 2018 Eternal Night


Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Gunwon City > Dasari Palace Gardens > Dasari Gardens Trading Post

Level design

Boss Encounters

Ken; Gen

Ken and Gen, the irascible pair of giant infants, relish in their playtime with the Silverkin Commander - a formidable metallic soldier designed to annihilate any adversaries that cross its path. 

Iruga — "Gatewatcher"

The majestic Gatewatcher Iruga, adorned in shimmering golden scales, beckons forth the aid of other dragons. Only through the seamless execution of masterful joint techniques can these beasts be subdued. 

Frozen Asura; Flaming Asura

Prince Sogun's turbulent psyche remains in a state of perpetual unrest after his botched Divine Mandate ceremony. His bitter and enraged soul has splintered into two formidable entities, the Flaming Asura and Frozen Asura. These ethereal beings embody the scorching fury and icy malice that once consumed the prince's very being, now unleashed upon the world.

Fengsho — "The Immortal"

The indomitable Fengsho, a peerless Warlock of the illustrious Aransu Clan, conjures forth a horde of Dark Thralls that unleash a lethal venom upon any audacious trespassers within the temple's hallowed grounds. However, he himself is not immune to their toxic embrace, a double-edged sword of dark magic that he wields with fearsome proficiency.

Blood Thrall — "Aransu School"

As the ominous Blood Thrall commences a sinister and ancient Dark Rite, the noble Eluvium Guardians spring to action, infusing the air with a thunderous symphony of life as they heave colossal stone hammers at their unholy foes.

Great Thrall

A primordial entity, once revered as the vigilant protector of the prestigious Aransu School, now succumbs to madness. It is a pitiable thrall to the same ominous forces that afflicted its former master, Zulia Aransu. In its deranged state, the Great Thrall perceives obliteration as its sole duty, annihilating any hapless intruder that crosses its path.

Frozen Augerite; Magma Augerite

Ikari; Kroda; Tarax

Shadow Siren

Those ensnared in the frenzied trance of the Shadow Siren face an imminent demise, swift and merciless. Only those with the will to shatter the spell and break free from the grip of the seductive enchantress will live to see the light of day.

Hive Queen

Previously a mere whispering presence, the insidious force that once nudged Zulia towards revenge has now metamorphosed into a corporeal, hellish beast. Fueled by the sinister aura emanating from the Temple of Eluvium and Zulia's own formidable might, this diabolic insectoid creature relentlessly hunts down any perceived threat to its continued existence. Its gnarled appendages, sharp as daggers, slice through the air with lethal precision, a nightmarish vision made flesh.


Completion Rewards

Merchant Shop — Suh Seyun


Fate of the Aransu

Life and Death at the Temple of Eluvium

Chasing Zulia

Hot Headed, Cold Blooded

The Great Thrall Brawl

Queen of the Hive


Ice, Ice, Flamey

Splitting Personalities

Double the Asura

Great Balls of Fire and Ice

Fall of the Thrall

Enthralling Possibilities

Drawn to the Aransu

Thrall of the Fight

Dethroning the Queen

Bee Incarnate

Bringing the Bee to Its Knees

Hive Grind

Down with the Queen