Chaos Supply Chain

Come on out, my lovelies. Time for dinner!

For centuries, the Blackram Marauders have plagued the Earthen Realm with their seafaring expertise, unleashing terror upon the Stratus and Talus empires without remorse. Poharan, their young and somewhat impulsive Vice Admiral, rules the Blackram with an iron fist, and her reputation is as notorious as the very ships she commands. A retinue of fierce and loyal warriors act as her protectors and generals, and her idea of a pet is a pair of colossal Saberfangs, Lily and Rose, whose bloodlust matches that of their mistress. To add to the terror, the diminutive Poharan carries a fearsome minigun and explosive ordinance, ready to unleash destruction on anyone who dares challenge her.

Amidst this chaos, Tae Jangum, the esteemed chef and a member of Poharan's Elite Guard, has come to you for help with a dire problem. A chaotic feast, featuring some of the most exquisite and expensive ingredients, has resulted in a wave of food poisoning that threatens to unleash even more madness upon the already unpredictable Blackram Marauders. Infiltrate the Blackram's stronghold and take on their overseer, Poharan, the region's biggest and littlest threat the region has ever faced!


Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Moonwater Plains > Blackram East Fleet > Blackram Shipyard

Level design

Boss Encounters

Tae Jangum — "Blackram Marauders"

The chef of the Blackram Supply Chain. Tae wields a sword well as she does a butcher's knife.

Poharan — "Vice Admiral"

The bold Vice Admiral of the Blackram Marauders. Poharan and her pretty kittens eagerly await your arrival.


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Chaos Supply Chain

Parley with Yeoharan

Off the Chain

Chains of Chaos


Bite the Bullet

Supply and Demand

Fang and Fury

Perils of Poharan

Chained Command