Midnight Skypetal Plains

Who are you? Wait, have I seen you before? I have a bad memory.

Beneath the ethereal glow of the moonlight, the serene Skypetal Plains have been plunged into utter chaos by the invasion of plant monsters and a colossal, ancient tortoise—the Sacred Longgui. This majestic creature, once a revered inhabitant of the Divine Realm, has been tragically cursed with old age, madness, and an incessant case of the sniffles. His presence, now amplified by the intoxicating Moonlight Chi, has drawn a swarm of parasitic plant and mushroom monstrosities, transforming the once tranquil plains into a battleground of rampant destruction.

While the Sacred Longgui himself harbors no malicious intent, his deteriorating condition and the chaos he inadvertently unleashes make him a formidable threat. Fortunately, hope lies in the hands of your eccentric mentor, Old Man Cho, who possesses a daring plan to restore the tranquility of the Skypetal Plains and liberate the Sacred Longgui from his affliction.

Time is of the essence, as the slightest sneeze from the tormented tortoise could unleash a wave of devastation that will irrevocably mar the land. Muster your courage, harness the power of the moonlight, and embark on a gallant crusade to restore balance to the Skypetal Plains and break the curse that binds the Sacred Longgui.



Outlook of the entrance

Location of the instance

Silverfrost Mountains > Zaiwei > The Cardinal Gates

Level design

Boss Encounters

Sacred Longgui

Once a Sacred Beast who guarded the holy gardens of the Divine Realm, the Sacred Longgui has gone mad from a twisted curse.


Completion Rewards

Merchant Shop


Race against the Longgui

Fight the Moonlight

Long Night, Angry Longgui

Fighting Evil by Moonlight

Offal Isn't Awful

Cold Night in Shell (Level 2)

The Tortoise and the Snare (Level 4)

Tough Shell to Crack (Level 6)


Anger Management

Shell Hath No Fury

Tortoise Rigor Mortis

Feats of Rage

All the Rage

A Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath of Fresh Air

Goodnight Mite

Goodnight Mite

Goodnight Mite

Good as Golden

Gold Pigger

When Golden Pigs Fly